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Caged: A Dark Mafia Romance by Alta Hensley

I tried to put him behind bars. Then he put me in a cage.

When I set out to show Eddie Vasco he’s not above the law, there was something I didn’t realize.

He is above the law.

That’s why I’m in a cage, wearing nothing but a tail, with the sting of his belt reminding me how disobedient pets are punished. That’s why he’s going to use me as roughly as he pleases.





Publisher’s Note: Caged includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Alta Hensley

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 37,500 words


“Good girl,” he said as he tossed the belt to the side of the bed. He replaced the belt with the palm of his hand and began caressing my flesh that burned at the most gentle of touches.

I hissed in response, yet my body hungered for more. Self-hatred suffocated me for how my body reacted to this assault. Everything deep within me knew the sizzling electricity coursing through me was wrong and yet, I wanted more. What exactly that ‘more’ was, I wasn’t sure. I just knew I fucking needed more.

“Remember that, kitten. You’ve entered my world. And frankly, I’m getting quite tired of spanking this ass of yours.”

I nodded between ragged breaths.

He dipped his finger between the juncture of my thighs, collected the juices of my heated sex on his fingertips, and brought them to my nose. “Do you smell how turned on you are?” He raised them to my eyes. “You can cry and plead all you want, but it’s all for show. A part of you likes this.” He brought his fingers to my mouth and pressed them past my lips. “You can’t deny how wet this makes you.”

He forcibly swirled his fingers along my tongue, giving me no choice but to suck his fingers into my mouth, tasting my own musky essence. I had never been this aroused. I stared into his eyes and licked his fingers clean.

The way he looked at me. The way he studied my every move…

Was I pleasing him? I wanted to please him…

Wait, no!

What the fuck had gotten into me?

Who was I?

Had my time in the cage actually turned me into an animal?

I should be screaming. I should be in agonizing torment praying for death over his touch on my body any longer, and yet…

“You like discipline; you like pain.”

I shook my head with his fingers still invading my mouth. “No,” I mumbled against his fingers.

“Yes,” he argued with a slight smile. “My kitten likes the claws.”

Fuck. How could this be? I hated him. I hated everything about it… and yet I wanted his finger to return to my pussy and rub my clit. I wanted his touch. I wanted it more than anything. I hungered. I craved. I needed. My ass burned, my neck throbbed, but my soul craved for more. I wanted it again. Choke me, beat me, and please, oh, please fuck me.



Eddie Vasco.

I could hear him pulling his pants down. I knew. I could hear him, sense him, feel his sexual presence without even having to look over my shoulder. He would fuck me… and God help me, I would allow him to. Actually, I was two seconds from begging him to.

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