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Caged and Tamed: A Dark Mafia Romance by Vonna Harper

First he’s going to make her talk. Then he’s going to make her his.

Mia Hess knows more than she lets on about her brother’s mob connections, and Caleb Roth intends to get the truth even if it means locking her up naked in a cage with her well-punished bottom sore inside and out. But Caleb didn’t take Mia captive just because he needed answers…

He took her to tame her.

He took her to protect her.

But most of all, he took her because he wanted her.



Publisher’s Note: Caged and Tamed is a stand-alone novel which is the second entry in the Judge and Jury series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Vonna Harper

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 62,000 words


Whether her eyes were closed or open made no difference. Either way she had no trouble determining what he was doing. He let go of the plug and turned his attention to her pussy—her dripping, hungry pussy. He studied her body’s reactions before slipping an already lubricated finger into her ready hole. His reaction shuttered, he challenged her self-control via numerous harsh thrusts. Her body felt full to overflowing, every part of her from waist to thighs reacting to the simulated sex act.

Not fair. Damnably not fair.

But incredible. Tearing into her sanity.

Making her cry out.

“What is this?” he challenged. “You aren’t as on top of things as you want me to believe you are?”

“Go to hell.”

“Only if I take you with me.”

When the finger thrusts slowed, she risked looking back at him. She recognized the barely contained animal trapped inside the civilized exterior. His expression did something to her, demanded total honesty. It took more strength than she believed she had, but she managed to hoist herself further onto the bed and widened her stance. He pulled free of her pussy and smacked her ass, hard.

“What’s that about?” she demanded. Whatever it took, she wouldn’t let the plug rule. “If you think—”

“That’s the problem. I’m not thinking.”

“And you think I am?” She pushed hair out of her eyes. “We’re going to regret this later.”

“I already do.”

Before she could ask him to clarify, which she wasn’t sure she would, she sensed a lessening of his presence. Then she heard the sound of a zipper. Trembling, she angled her head so she couldn’t see him. She needed him all right. There was no doubt of that. She just didn’t want any understanding of what he was going through.

There he was, his cock head against her pussy. Big and hard.

She took a ragged, too-loud breath. He did the same.

“It’s going to feel different,” he said unnecessarily. “With the plug in.”

“Now. Just—now.”

He dove into her, hours of anticipation breaking loose in her soul. She started to slide, but he grabbed her hips and hauled her back in place. Between his hold and her fingers biting into the cover, they managed to stay locked together. She preferred sex face to face, but today this was better. Less personal. They didn’t have to acknowledge each other’s presence. They were rutting creatures doing what came without thought.

Yes. There was no need to pretend she’d brought more than her body to this place. He might have started out determined to pull everything she knew about his enemy out of her, but that no longer mattered.

The need she’d been fighting died.

Feeling as if she’d been set free, she went into herself. He was fucking her, demanding, giving, taking. Both hungry and considerate.

Thinking, insanely, that she could love his complex emotions, she cried out. She might have said an actual word but wasn’t sure because it was there.

Her climax didn’t simply come. It exploded. Shattering in its intensity.

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