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Captivated by Him: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Measha Stone

When the mob came after me, Jakub Staszek kept me safe. But his protection has a price…


When he caught me drinking underage in his club five years ago, Jakub spanked my bare bottom like a naughty little girl. But when he took off his belt today, he had a different use in mind for it.

It was to bind my arms and leave me helpless for a much rougher, much more shameful lesson.

The kind where my face is pressed into the sheets and every thrust is more brutal than the last.

The kind that will leave me begging, screaming, and still sore with every step I take tomorrow.

But the next time he stripes my backside, it won’t be to teach a disobedient college girl a lesson.

It will be to teach his new bride her place.

Publisher’s Note: Captivated by Him is a stand-alone novel which is the third book of the Mafia Brides series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Measha Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited

Length: 67,000 words


“Now that I have your attention, Nicole, I’m going to give you the ground rules here.” He plunges both fingers in hard and deep before bending them at the knuckle and stroking the most sensitive spot in my body. I melt into the bed; all my muscles go weak.

He’s paying attention and must know he has me exactly where he wants me, because he lets my arm go.

“You’re going to let me help you with this mess you’re in.” He removes his fingers and before I can complain, he rips my pajama shorts down to my knees.

“I already said I’d stay here a few days,” I try to reason with him, but the jangling of his belt tells me it’s not working.

“And while you are staying with me, you’ll do what I tell you, when I tell you, and how I tell you.” His belt rips free of his jeans in one sharp swish sound.

The sound not only makes my pussy clench, it gets my brain to wake the hell up. I launch myself forward trying to scramble away from him, but he must have been prepared for it. He grabs my hips and pulls me back right where he had me.

My body goes rigid, expecting the belt to lay into me, but instead he grabs both of my wrists and works the belt around them. Around and around, he wraps it until he’s able to work the end into the buckle. And like the shocked idiot I seem to be, I just lie there and let him do it.

“If I tell you you’re staying in my bed, you’ll stay in my bed. If I tell you to stay in the fucking hallway, you will stay in the fucking hallway.”

“I will. Fine. I will.” I try to turn over, but he slaps my ass hard and pushes me back onto my belly.

“You won’t leave this apartment unless I say so, and if you do get to leave, you’ll have someone with you at all times.” He presses into my ass. The hard length of his cock pushes against my ass through his jeans.

I wiggle my feet apart, sticking my ass up higher toward him.

“You want something, Nicole?” he asks, bending over my body and laying his weight over me.

I snap my teeth tighter. I can’t and will not ask for what I shouldn’t want, what I can’t have.

“Tell me you’re going to be a good girl.” He eases his body off a little to slip his hand between us. With expert precision he finds my clit and rubs it gently in a circular motion, putting just the right amount of pressure on it to drive me from any reasonable thought.

The sound of a zipper registers, but only once his cock is between my legs, touching the very rim of my pussy do I realize what’s happened. He’s so close, and I’m so fucking needy.

Sex with Henry wasn’t anything to crave, but just these few touches from Jakub and I’m ready to take everything he offers. Even if it is just for tonight.

“Tell me, Nicole. Say, I’ll be a good girl for you.” His cock thrusts forward, breaking through my entrance but not inside yet. Not filling me the way I know he can fill me.

“Jakub,” I whine like a spoiled little girl who hasn’t gotten her way. But he won’t accept that, it’s not enough for him.

He abandons my clit and smacks my ass again.

“Would you rather have a spanking for being such a bad girl tonight? Promise me you’ll be good, and I’ll fuck you until you scream.”

My toes curl into the wood. There is no real decision to be made here.

“I’ll be a good girl for you, Jakub. I promise. I’ll be good.” It’s my voice, but there’s such a hunger laced through the words I almost don’t recognize myself.

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