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Captive Innocence by Ashlynn Ally

Since she was chosen to participate in a government program to keep at least some of the population as safe as possible from the Earth’s poisoned environment, twenty-year-old Rarity Clearwater has lived a life of relative luxury, but everything changes when she is taken captive.

Upon her arrival at an isolated estate in the far north, Rarity is shocked by her surroundings, which seem intended to make her feel like a small, helpless child. Worse still, when she fails to dress as instructed she is taken over the knee of the facility’s disciplinarian, a huge, handsome man named Dante Dasheil, and spanked until she is sobbing and promising to be a good girl.

A humiliating medical examination and a thorough cleansing soon follow, and Rarity’s attempts to resist merely leave her with an even more well-punished bottom. Despite the indignity of her situation, however, Rarity cannot deny her body’s response to Dante’s stern dominance, and when he finally claims her it is rough and shameful yet still more pleasurable than anything she has ever experienced before. But will this unexpected romance give her a chance at freedom?

Publisher’s Note: Captive Innocence includes spankings, sexual scenes, and elements of age play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ashlynn Ally

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 102,900 words


“Young lady, I told you to stop that squirming and hold still!” The doctor punctuates his request with a sharp smack to the side of my butt cheek once he’s done pushing the nozzle in. “Now, I’m going to release the clamp that’s holding back the flow of the enema solution. You had better keep still, and hold in every drop, or you’ll be getting the paddle instead of my hand when I spank you.”

The flow? I wonder what the hell he can be talking about when suddenly, I feel it. Something warm and rushing, filling me up inside. All at once, my tummy cramps as my bowels become fuller and fuller.

“Ohhhh!” I groan, as the urge to relieve myself begins to take over my senses. “Ohhh, my tummy! Oh, pleeeeze, enough. Please let me up. I have to go…”

“Enough fidgeting!” Another smack to the side of my butt cheek has me still again as the enema continues to fill my insides. “I won’t have you fighting what’s for your own good. Once you’ve taken every drop of this solution, I’ll plug up your naughty little rear end and paddle you long and hard while the enema does its job cleaning you thoroughly out.”

Relief takes me for only a moment when the flow of water finally stops filling my bowels until I am sure I can take no more. Then the doctor wastes very little time pulling out the nozzle and plunging something so large and thick, it easily parts open my cheeks as it digs its way into my anal opening.

I twist and howl as my poor sore rectum is stretched far past its limits to accommodate whatever object I’m having my tender, tiny bottom hole filled with now. Fatter and fatter the object seems to become as it’s plowed deeper and deeper inside of me, until finally I feel my burning pucker close up tightly around a large groove in the object.

“That’s right, all nice and full your naughty rear end is now, isn’t it?” the doctor admonishes me, pulling me off his lap and to my feet and standing. I sway and lean a little, feeling the enema churning away inside me as my stomach juts out in front of me, cramped and tight. “Now you can bend right over and grab hold of the medical table. I’m going to get my paddle and give your bottom a blistering you won’t soon forget.”

I watch as he goes right over to the wall where Nursie had rehung her strap. For the first time I notice a round paddle hanging next to it, several centimeters thick with a grooved handle for gripping and the spanking part about as big as one of my entire butt cheeks. The doctor takes this off the wall now and walks over to me, indicating I should turn around.

“Don’t make me add extra licks!” he chastises. “Right now you’re getting ten, but I can make it fifteen if you don’t bend over and grab the table right this instant.”

Tears spring to my eyes as I realize I’m going to be spanked again, and this time with my butt all filled up with the horrible churning enema solution. Already holding back sobs, I do as he instructs, turning around and bending over so my butt sticks straight out into the air, all horribly parted with that fat plug inside it, and grab onto the edge of the table.

“That’s right, little pamper,” the doctor goes on, and I realize he never even bothered to get my name. “Stick that red little bare bottom up nice and high for your paddling. With your cheeks parted with the butt plug, I can even see a bit of white. Well, I’ll be changing that soon enough!”

I whimper as I first feel the doctor tap the paddle just slightly down the center of my crack where my cheeks are parted. He presses his hand into the small of my back as he leans in close to me, so that I can smell the medical scent coming off him, chemical and strange. Then he swings back, and an instant later I feel the crack of the paddle down the middle part, right near where the butt plug juts out.

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