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Captured for Their Use by Ivy Barrett

Taken prisoner by the fearsome Yashonty, Celeste Mortenson is given a choice. She will be given either to General Ram or to four of his warriors. Ashamed at the thought of being shared, Celeste chooses Ram, but as the battle-hardened brute strips her, spanks her, and claims her hard and thoroughly, she quickly discovers that he can easily make her blush crimson all on his own.

When a Ventori commander arrives to negotiate with Ram and promptly tries to fight him to the death over Celeste, however, it soon becomes clear that she is bonded to them both and she will be shared after all. More disturbing still, both of them have gone into rut and they won’t merely be using her in any way they please, they will be mounting her and breeding her like wild beasts.

Though she is shocked to be ravaged in such a humiliating fashion, her body’s response to their rough dominance is even more alarming, and with every stern punishment and every shattering climax she can feel the moment she surrenders completely coming closer. But will their love for Celeste bring about an alliance not only between her mates, but between their worlds as well?

Publisher’s Note: Captured for Their Use is a stand-alone novel which is the eighth book in the Ventori Masters series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ivy Barrett

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 57,800 words


A burst of sensation was followed by another, and Celeste began to beg. “Stop, please stop!”

Ram ignored her cries, delivering six lashes before he paused. She exhaled harshly, thinking it was over. Then Ram slowly drew back on the butt plug. Her pucker stretched around the fullest part, holding her open, making her feel vulnerable and exposed. She dug her fingers into Galzar’s arm, shaking with the need to toss her hips, or lurch forward and escape the pressure.

“Steady,” Galzar whispered, brushing her hair back from her face. “He’s showing you what it will feel like when I’m inside you, how much you’ll need to surrender to pleasure your mates.”

With the plug still holding her open, Ram lightly rubbed her clit. “If you can come right now,” Ram said, “we’ll let you, but it must be right now.”

She tried, but it felt so strange, and her butt cheeks throbbed horrendously. “I can’t,” she cried in frustration, and Ram pushed the plug deep again. She sobbed, miserable and angry.

“Maybe next time,” Galzar said. “The offer stands.”

And then it started all over again, Ram punished her ass with the unseen whip. The searing lashes fell in agonizing groups large enough to cover one entire cheek. He swung fast several times, then slow, never using a predictable rhythm. She bucked and twisted, tossing her head as she screamed bloody murder.

By the time Ram teased her with the plug for the second time, she was furious. “Fuck me now, or stop! This halfway shit is torture.”

Ram smacked her still-stinging ass with his hand, unleashing a fresh wave of fire. “You will have Galzar’s cock when we say you’re ready. Clearly, you’re not ready yet. You have no control, no power. You are a vessel waiting to be filled.” He pushed the plug all the way in then something made it feel bigger.

She moaned and bit back a string of curses that would have made them blush. She was more than an empty vessel. She had a mind and emotions of her own. Her will was not easily broken!

“We are not trying to break you, pet,” Ram touched her back, the heat of his palm sinking into her sweat-dampened skin. “We are trying to free you.”

She hadn’t realized she said it out loud. “I don’t understand,” she whispered. Not being able to see them was adding to her insecurity.

“You are evolving, and so are we. I want things I wouldn’t have considered two weeks ago. Galzar feels the same,” Ram said, his fingers skimming her inflamed skin. “Your new body craves pain as much as pleasure. All you need to do is let go.”

That made it sound so easy, but he wasn’t the one expected to give in.

“Tell Ram you’re sorry and we’ll continue,” Galzar said, his hand resting on the back of her neck. He wasn’t really holding her down, just reminding her of their expectations.

They were ganging up on her now. Galzar was supposed to be the nice one. “I’m sorry.” Fucking assholes! She thought she’d gotten away with it until she heard their laughter in her mind.

Such language, Ram chided as he reached around and pinched one of her nipples.

And we haven’t even fucked your asshole. Yet. Galzar stressed the last word as Ram drew the plug back until the fullest part spread her wide. “I’m even bigger than that, sweet mate. Are you sure you don’t want Ram to continue?”

“Yes, continue,” she sobbed. “Just let me come.”

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