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Captured Innocence: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

What he wants, he takes. What he takes, he keeps.

When Mattia DeLuca paid my father handsomely for the right to claim me as his bride, it didn’t matter that I wanted nothing to do with my own Cosa Nostra family, let alone someone else’s. Long before he put a ring on my finger, my own screams of climax told me I was his forever.

Even when I ran away, hoping to leave my family’s mafia world behind, I always knew Mattia would track me down one day and take his belt to my bare ass before taking me to his bed again.

But when he came for me, it wasn’t just to punish, ravage, and then wed me.

It was to rescue me.


Publisher’s Note: Captured Innocence is the third book in the Tainted Regime series but can be read as a standalone. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 93,000 words


As his muscles continued to tense, I was certain he was ready to fill me with his seed.

But I was wrong.

He pulled all the way out and I reacted immediately, whimpering as I experienced the loss. Grinning, he wagged his finger.

“Don’t worry, bellissima principessa. I’m not finished with you yet. My appetite is far too significant.” He backed away, easing me up from the bed then tossing me onto all fours.

Squealing, I reacted instinctively, fighting to crawl and claw my way off the bed. I was quickly handled, the man yanking his belt from the comforter, wrapping the thick leather around my throat, shoving the end through the buckle. Before I could react, he’d pulled the strap all the way through, encircling my neck. Then he tugged with enough force, I was jerked back by a few inches.

“Bad little girls are chained. Is that what you want, my little kitten? Do I need to restrain you when I fuck every hole?” He cracked his hand from one side of my bottom to the other, the stinging sensations instant and I yelped. “Do I need to punish you every day until you surrender?”

I pushed up from the bed with one hand, using the other to try to dig my fingers under the strap. He was having none of it, allowing me to see when he wrapped the end around his hand, his grip firm. I wasn’t going anywhere until he allowed it.

“Now, I’m going to finish fucking you just like you deserve. Next time, I’ll take your tight asshole.”

His filthy words were such a powerful aphrodisiac that I couldn’t react. When he pulled on the belt, squeezing my neck, I should have become terrified, but another wave of excitement tore through me, my core heated to an explosive level. My reaction was crazy, my behavior totally unusual, but everything about the man brought such incredible desire that I was simply left breathless.

He reared back onto his knees, using his other hand to return the tip of his cock just inside my aching pussy. Then he slowly pushed the full length into my womb.

Gasping, I closed my eyes, kneading the bed like a kitty cat would do, mewing softly as he started to fuck me. Within seconds, his actions became more brutal, the hard slapping of his hips against my bruised ass mixing with our animalistic sounds. He tightened the belt even more, narrowing the passage of air until another series of stars floated in front of my eyes.

Un giorno potrò fotterti a qualsiasi ora e in qualsiasi momento che desidero. E lo farò, dolce principessa. Lo farò.”

His words created an entire wave of moans, my heart thudding against my chest.

One day I’ll be able to fuck you any hour and at any moment that I crave. And I will, sweet princess. I will.

With my eyes cinched shut, my heart reverberating in my ears, his whispered words echoed. They also scintillated. And I wasn’t just lost in the man. I was spun in a web of gold, cocooned until the time was right.

Whether a month, a year, or longer, I would wait for him.

The man who’d taken my innocence and in turn, provided me with the greatest gift of all.

An awakening of my soul.

As he fucked me long and hard, the belt tightening even more, I was reminded how alive he made me feel. And how wanted.

“My beautiful baby. My perfect princess. Come for me. Come with me.”