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Captured: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance By Mary Auclair

I’m going to punish her. Then I’m going to make her mine.

This little human female thought she could attack a Drakian royal cruiser and get away with it, but I captured her, and the price she pays for her arrogance will be as humiliating as it is painful.

She will not just be punished. She will be bound to me, publicly, in the most shameful of ways. Every cry of pain, every moan of pleasure, and every scream of climax will be music to the ears of the audience as I tame my quivering, blushing captive, then make her beg to be claimed.

When I am done with her, there will be no more need for her chains. She will know she is mine.



Publisher’s Note: Captured includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Mary Auclair

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 63,200 words


Rakir circles my clit with his wicked finger, sending throbs of need all the way to my brain, filling my nerves with anticipation and pleasure.

“Mine.” Rakir says again, his voice impossibly husky, his fingers still torturing my clit as he circles and flicks the over-sensitive bundle of nerves.

I’m crazed with need, but fear still blinds me. I’m afraid of the pain, afraid of the surrender. It’s too total, too complete. What Rakir wants is nothing short of a conquest. The annihilation of my free will.

Maybe it’s worth it, just to feel this much pleasure.

As sensations mount in my clit, my hips undulate of their own accord trying desperately to increase the feeling. I’m so close to a release it hurts.

But Rakir doesn’t make it that easy. Nothing is that easy with him.

Instead, he pushes his cock just inside. Pain shoots as the tight circle of muscles is stretched, sharp and instantaneous, increased by my fear. More of the lubricant spills inside me. I can feel its warmth as it comes inside, easing the passage of his massive cock in the delicate tissues. It’s like he can control it, willfully spilling it to ease his way in.

At the same time, Rakir rubs my clit harder. The pain mixes with the pleasure and my fear, melting them together.

In one great thrust, he impales my back entrance completely, breaching my body with his own. I cry out, the sensations overwhelming my brain.

“Mine.” This time, there’s no mistaking the claim of the conqueror in his tone.

Rakir doesn’t allow me time to adjust. He fucks my asshole mercilessly, pumping in and out with his full weight, ramming into my tender flesh. His fingers rub my clit in a fast, circular motion.

I moan and cry, my entire body threatening to collapse under the onslaught of sensation. I’m so close to a release, I’m not sure I’ll survive if I don’t come in the next minute. I might drop dead before that.

Rakir still fucks my ass like he’s some kind of feral, rabid beast. His cock is impossibly hard and large inside my tiny, puckered hole, going in and out with no mercy, no tenderness.

No, this is a time for conquest. A time for surrender and victory. A time for all the delicious sensations to cover and conquer me. To reduce me to ashes and dust.

I’m a willing victim. A woman with no will or plans. Only desire. A desire that burns through me like a bonfire, leaving nothing behind but a wasteland.

Still, Rakir pounds into me. He grunts and growls at my back, his sweaty, hot body covering mine. He’s as crazed as I am, but still, he doesn’t come.

The sensations build to a dangerous, torturous level. I’m not a person anymore. Just a lump of flesh full of need, yearning for a release that doesn’t come.

Then, when the yearning turns to anguish, when my puckered hole burns and stings from being taken so roughly, Rakir stops his circling.

He pinches my tiny nub, tugging at it in the same movement.

I scream, my mind gone in a blank. The climax works through me, building up in wave after wave until I don’t even remember my name anymore.

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