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Capturing Kate by Alexis Alvarez

Capturing KateTwenty-eight-year-old journalist Kate Klein knew reporting on a powerful businessman’s disregard for the safety of the local water supply was a dangerous assignment, but she is nonetheless shocked when she is suddenly taken captive, bound, and brought to a remote cabin.

Her gruff yet undeniably handsome captor turns out to be a man named Sloan who claims he is an undercover FBI agent investigating the same organization she has been trying to expose. Kate is unsure whether Sloan can be trusted, but he makes it clear that he plans to do whatever is necessary to protect her, whether she likes it or not. If keeping her safe requires taking her over his knee for a stern punishment to ensure her obedience, then so be it.

When Kate keeps some critical information from Sloan, a long, hard spanking on her bare bottom quickly proves that his warning was not a bluff. To her surprise, however, the painful, embarrassing chastisement leaves Kate not only promising to be good but also yearning for Sloan to take her in his arms and claim her thoroughly.

Sloan’s skilled, dominant lovemaking is unlike anything Kate has ever experienced before, and she finds her desire for him growing more intense by the hour. But when something goes terribly wrong and the entire investigation is put in jeopardy, can Sloan prove to Kate that she is not just a means to an end for him?

Publisher’s Note: Capturing Kate is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Alexis Alvarez

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 65,600 Words


“Where did you even get that? They have ginger in this town?”

“In the grocery store.”

“So—wait. You got that even before you knew what I did? Why did you get that?”

“I had a feeling I might need it. Lie on the bed.” He gave her a very small smile and she widened her eyes.

“No. I can’t. You can’t.”

“I can, and we start now. Remember last time, how you earned the belt? This time you’ll get a bigger ginger and the belt, so think carefully about whether or not you want to fight me or just accept it.”

She considered this and eventually made her way to the bed, legs shaking. She’d never had a ginger plug, and she wasn’t eager to try it, especially during a punishment session. But the memory of that belt and how badly it stung had her moving, and she lay down on her back as requested. She heard him pare down the ginger with a knife, and the spicy scent of the root drifted over to her, making her quiver with a mixture of anxiety and anticipation.

“Arms above your head,” he instructed, then buckled them together with the bondage cuffs. “I’ll leave your legs free for now, and part of your punishment will involve your full cooperation with me. You’ll get in the positions I ask immediately and without argument, even if it’s uncomfortable. You’re going to help punish yourself.”

Her eyes welled up. “I’m scared.”

He touched her shoulder. “Too scared to keep going?” He wiped a tear from her face. The expression in his eyes was stern and tender, and she caught her breath. There was something so incredibly sexy about being tied down, knowing she had the ability to stop everything if necessary.

She shook her head. “Just—tell me it’s going to be okay.”

“It’s going to be okay.” He wiped her other cheek. “Won’t feel great the entire time, but you’ll feel better afterwards, like last time.”

“Fine.” She took a deep breath.

He patted her shoulder once more, then stood up, arms crossed. “Spread your legs wide and put your feet flat on the bed,” he instructed, and she did it, face burning. He could see everything: her pussy, her anus, everything! And he was going to, oh, God, he was going to put something in her.

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