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Carter: A Mafia Billionaire Romance by Shanna Handel

She is mine. It’s time she learned what that means.
In my world, a man keeps his woman in line.
She is used to doing as she pleases.
That is about to change…

I thought I could have it both ways, but I was wrong.
He expects to be obeyed, but he was patient.
Until I pushed him too far…
Now I’m going to find out what a man like him does to a naughty little girl…





Publisher’s Note: Carter is a stand-alone sequel to Bronson. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Shanna Handel

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 53,700 words


His finger slides further inside me. My pussy clenches around it. He pumps his digit once. The pleasure is turning to a demanding desire. I groan, grinding against him, looking for relief.

I get none.

His finger withdraws and instead, I get a sharp slap on my ass that makes me whine.

Then I freeze.

His fingers are back between my legs. But they are headed somewhere they should not be. His finger is pressing against my asshole.

No. Fucking. Way.

My head flies over my shoulder. “No way! Uh-uh. You know I’m not a backdoor girl, Carter. You get out of there… now!”

His finger plunges into my ass.

Tears fill my eyes. I’m gasping for breath.

The shock of having him enter an unmentionable, off-limits area of my body has my face burning, my mind spiraling.

I’m trying to breathe, to come back down to Earth, but his finger is huge in there. I’m stretching and burning.

And my pussy is absolutely throbbing.

I’m lucid again and fury builds within me.

I’m going to kill him.

If I can get up off his lap and get his finger out of my ass first. Which makes me suddenly realize what he’s wanted me to realize this entire time.

He’s in complete control of me. And will be from now on.

I’ll settle down. Play nice. First things first. Get his finger out of me.

He moves within me and a whimper escapes my lips. Surprisingly, the stretching and burning is turning to this warm pulsing pleasure. I feel possessed by him, owned by him. The baffling sensation is making me impossibly wet.

But it’s so wrong.

I have to put a stop to this chaos he’s evoked in me. I say, “Carter. I see what’s going on here. And I understand.”

“Tell me, Sasha. What’s going on here?” His finger pumps in and out of my ass. I want to shriek. I want to hump something, anything. I’m so filled with shame at his intrusion and my pleasure I want to shut my eyes so tight I disappear. I hold my breath, count to five.

Then I say, “You want me to know you are in control. You want my submission. And you have it.” His finger stops moving—I’ve nailed it. Relief begins to well in my chest.

His finger remains very still inside of me as he speaks. “Such pretty words, Sasha. That’s a beautiful sentiment, thank you.”

I’ve done it. I’ve unlocked his code and now he’ll take his finger out.

Instead, his other finger travels across the cleft of my pussy collecting juices. Brutally pressing against my aching clit, then vanishes. My mind goes blank. The second finger is nearing the first. It’s making its way to my taut entrance. I gasp in pain as he presses it past my unwilling ring of muscles, to meet the other.

Two big fingers pump within me. I feel as though my delicate flesh will tear. Tears prick in my eyes.

But my discomfort is nothing compared to that evoked when he speaks again. “What I’m actually doing is getting your little bottom hole ready for my cock.”

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