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Cassie and the Fire Captain Burns Up the Charts!

Katherine Deane‘s newest book, Cassie and the Fire Captain, has claimed a spot on Amazon’s Top 100 list for BDSM Erotica. Congratulations, Katherine!

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top100_cassieandthefirecaptain★★★★★  Renee Rose @ “I loved Cassie’s spunk!,” on February 3, 2015
Katherine Deane crafts a perfect book with Cassie and the Fire Captain. I loved Cassie’s spunk and high spirits and of course, who doesn’t love a hot fireman? Especially one who spanks? I loved how Cassie was able to find confidence in herself and use her creativity in positive ways with the support of her loving and dominant fire captain. A sweet and delicious read!

★★★★★  Laurel @ “Fire Hot and Sexy Romance,” on February 3, 2015
Cassie was a tomboy and a prankster, somewhat insecure as her mother was a beauty queen, and Cassie doesn’t feel that she is beautiful. Eric is the new Fire Captain, and he finds Cassie beautiful and adores her spirit although she played some pranks on him. This book has everything, romance, hot sex, suspense, danger and spanking. A wonderful read.

★★★★★  Morganna Williams @ “Fun story full of humour and sass,” on February 2, 2015
Fun story full of humour and sass. Some well deserved spankings delivered by a loving no nonsense hero. Great read.

★★★★★  Stevie MacFarlane @ “I love a Happy Ever After,” on February 6, 2015
This was such a sweet book. It has spice and mischief along with romance. Cassie and Eric are perfect for each other. I love that while he’s dominant in some ways, he’s also incredibly supportive and doesn’t try to change her quirky personality. In most books I find myself rooting for the spunky little heroine, but in this one your rooting for them both. I love a HEA, but you just know that Cassie hasn’t had her last spanking when you close the book.

★★★★★  SH @ “Fun romance!,” on February 1, 2015
Such a fun romantic story!! Cassie is a little insecure with herself and when she meets the new fire captain, who is anything but insecure, the sparks start to fly! There are twists and turns along the way but in the end, love wins out! Fantastic read!

★★★★★  Char huelsemannon @ “Cute little story,” on February 4, 2015
Story will warm your heart with a cute,spunky,spitfire of a girl and a hunky fire dept .Especially the captain,who loves this little spitfire.

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