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Prisoner Locks Up a Top 20 Spot

Kallista Dane‘s new book, Prisoner: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance, recently reached the Top 20 in Amazon’s Gothic Romance category along with the Top 50 in Science Fiction Romance and Action & Adventure Romance. Congratulations, Kallista!

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Taken Captive Nabs a #1 Spot

Marlee Wray‘s most recent release, Taken Captive: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance, snagged the #1 spot in Amazon’s Gothic Romances New Releases category earlier today, just in the nick of time before falling off the list at the stroke of midnight when it reached its one-month release anniversary! Congratulations, Marlee!

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Manhandled Has Its Way With Two #1 Spots

Sara Fields‘ latest┬árelease, Manhandled: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance, has claimed the #1 spots in both the Gothic Romance and Action & Adventure Romance categories on Amazon to go along with the #2 spot in Science Fiction Romance and a Top 10 spot in Romantic Suspense! Congratulations, Sara!

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Torched Sets Ablaze a Top 5 Spot

Piper Stone‘s new book, Torched: A Rough Firefighter Romance, spent some time earlier this weekend in the Top 5 for Amazon’s Gothic Romance category and it has made the Top 10 in Action & Adventure Romance and the Top 50 in Romantic Suspense as well! Congratulations, Piper!

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Seeded Harvests a Top 5 Spot

Loki Renard‘s new book, Seeded: A Dark Sci-Fi Menage Romance, has reached the Top 5 in the Gothic Romance category on Amazon along with the Top 10 in Science Fiction Romance and Action & Adventure Romance! Congratulations, Loki!

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