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Insatiable: A Dark Romance by Loki Renard

His need for me is insatiable. He’s going to take everything he wants. He once planned to romance me, but that man is gone, and the beast he became has only one purpose, one desire, one impulse: to tear my clothes off and ravish me over and over. With my naked body helpless in his rough, unbreakable grip, he’ll claim ...

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His Land, His Law by Libby Campbell

Since she inherited her parents’ home, Cara Eckford has used walks in the nearby woods as inspiration for her art, so she is shocked and upset upon finding that ‘No Trespassing’ signs have recently been put up on the property. But when she angrily confronts the land’s new owner, the infuriatingly sexy Luke McCrae, she merely earns herself a stern ...

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Taking His Mate: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Delta James

She is his to protect, whether she likes it or not. Years ago, Madeline Stone was attacked by a rogue band of wolves. Now they are hunting her again, but to get to her, they’ll have to go through Griffen Owen. The ex-Special Forces operative is the rightful alpha of his pack, and the moment he sets eyes on Madeline ...

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Riley’s Reckoning by Claire Britain

Twenty-eight-year-old Riley Carrington has always been a daredevil, and though her girlfriend and boss, Joanna Armstrong, has done the best she can to tame her with the help of a paddle applied to her bare bottom as often as necessary, Riley’s reckless behavior has persisted. Though she spends far more of her time than she would like with her nose ...

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His Little Bride by Aurie Jameson

Though she is delighted when her handsome, dominant boyfriend proposes, Jen Simmons is caught off guard by his declaration that she will be not only his wife, but his little girl as well. Being taken over his knee for a spanking is one thing, but Jen is left blushing crimson by the thought of calling him daddy as he looks ...

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