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Virgin Tribute: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Delta James

The beast protects us, but he demands tribute. I was not asked. I was chosen. Every year, the creature who keeps our community safe requires a virgin as tribute, and every year she is thoroughly ravaged and then returned ruined for any other man. No one will tell me exactly what is in store for me, I only know he’s ...

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Ranch Daddy by Shanna Handel

Colton Jenkins is without question the sexiest man Josie Dixon has ever met, and as the assistant wedding manager at the CLAS ranch, she has the chance to fantasize about him every day. But Colton is an old-fashioned cowboy, the kind who isn’t afraid to take a woman in hand, and Josie knows what dating him would mean. Not only ...

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Frantic: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Fields

In the city, my need could be controlled. Out here beyond the walls, it controls me. Naked, bound, and helplessly on display, my arousal drips down my bare thighs and pools at my feet as the entire city watches, waiting for the inevitable. I’m going into heat, and they know it. Someone took what I felt was mine and I ...

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Mate Seizes a Top Spot

Trent Evans‘ new book, Mate: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance, has claimed the #1 spot in Amazon’s Gothic Romance category along with the #2 spot in Science Fiction Romance! Congratulations, Trent!

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Mate: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Trent Evans

She was offered as a sacrifice. He took her as his mate. The moment her ship crash-landed, Selena Marks knew she was in way over her head, and that was before the natives of this planet took her captive, stripped her bare, and brought her deep into a sacred cave to be given as a sexual sacrifice to the godlike ...

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Consumed Devours Two #1 Spots

Sara Fields‘ book Consumed: A Dark Paranormal Romance is currently on sale for $0.99, and it has claimed the #1 spots in Amazon’s Demons & Devils Romance and Gothic Romance categories, along with a Top 5 spot in Vampire Romance and a Top 25 spot in Romantic Suspense! Congratulations, Sara!

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