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Married Off: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Raven Willow

She was given as a bride. She will be claimed as his mate. Though Llyr recognized Ivy as his mate by her scent alone, he asked her father for her hand before carrying her off like a beast. But his plans for his new bride are far from gentlemanly… Ivy’s beautiful virgin body will belong to him in every way, ...

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Enigma by Sara Fields

An alpha could not tame her. Now she will kneel before a god. For endless ages I’ve kept this world in balance, and over the centuries countless women have writhed and screamed and climaxed beneath me. But I’ve never felt the need for a mate. Until today. Until her. When I touch her, she trembles. When I mark her defiant ...

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Kelsey’s Keeper by Trent Evans

He promised to keep her in line. He kept her as his instead. His best friend’s twenty-year-old daughter should have been absolutely off-limits for Max Williams, but Kelsey Burke’s flirting and teasing have finally pushed him too far. She’s going to get what she’s been asking for, and it’s not going to be anything like her naïve fantasies. It will ...

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Sweet Savagery: A Dark Mafia Romance by Zoe Blake

I came for my money. I took her instead. She’s not the one who stole from me. She’s a pawn caught up in her family’s deadly game. It doesn’t matter. Her innocence won’t save her from me. I could just let her return the money, but as I stare down at the beautiful creature stretched out before me like a ...

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On His Ranch: A Cowboy Daddy Romance by Dinah McLeod

On his ranch, she’ll call him daddy. Piper Larson may be down on her luck but she’s no thief, and when Chase Whitfield catches her trespassing and accuses her of stealing she’s indignant. Despite her furious protests, however, her defiance is soon dealt with by means of a sound spanking over the firm-handed cowboy’s knee. The strict correction leaves her ...

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Theirs as Payment: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone


Taking me was business. Keeping me was personal. Until mere moments ago, I was a doctor heading home after my shift at the hospital. But that was before I was forced into the back seat of an SUV, then bared and spanked for trying to escape. Now I’m just leverage for the Cabello brothers to use against my father, but ...

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Judged: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Cari Silverwood

They took me. Now they’re going to make me theirs. I left the safety of my city hoping to study the wreckage of a crashed satellite, but I ended up carried off by three Mauleon warriors instead, and these fearsome beasts aren’t interested in my knowledge of long lost technologies. They have far more primitive things in mind for me… ...

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