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The Viking’s Captive by Lily Harlem

After her village is raided by Vikings and she is carried off and taken as a slave by one of the marauding Norseman, twenty-one-year-old Duna learns the hard way that her best attempts at defiance will merely earn her a painful, humiliating spanking. More shameful still is the inspection of her naked, helplessly aroused body which follows the strict chastisement. ...

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The Slavers’ Pet by Samantha Madisen

When she is captured by alien slavers, Vedera quickly finds herself stripped bare for an intimate, deeply humiliating examination, but her defiance during the routine procedure convinces her captors that she is not suitable for sale. Her fate will be far more shameful. She will become their shared pet, to be trained, punished, and used as thoroughly and as often ...

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Protected by Her Daddy by Shelly Douglas

Though newlyweds Jillian and Joseph McDormand are excited about collaborating on a romantic suspense novel, Jillian’s search for inspiration soon gets her into trouble. When she ignores her husband’s warning not to pry into the affairs of a neighbor with a disturbing past, Joseph spanks his beautiful bride’s bare bottom soundly to remind her what happens to naughty little girls. ...

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Conquered Makes an Example of a #1 Spot

Sara Fields‘ new book, Conquered: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance, has claimed the #1 spot in Amazon’s Gothic Romance category as well as a Top 5 spot in Action and Adventure Romance and a Top 10 spot in Science Fiction Romance! Congratulations, Sara!

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Claimed by the Commander Seizes Two Top 5 Spots

Sassa Daniels‘ thoroughly enjoyable book Claimed by the Commander is currently on sale for $0.99, and yesterday it reached the #2 spot in Amazon’s Action and Adventure Romance category as well as the #3 spot in the Science Fiction Romance category! Congratulations, Sassa!

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Conquered: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Fields

They’ve conquered Earth. She’s next. I’ve lived in hiding since the Vakarrans arrived, helping my band of human survivors evade the aliens who now rule our world with an iron fist. But my luck ran out. Captured by four of their fiercest warriors, I know what comes next. They’ll make an example of me, to show how even the most ...

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