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Caught and Trained by Stella Rising

First she was caught. Then she was punished. Now she will be trained.

When she is given the chance to leave her boring homeworld behind, twenty-year-old Aylee ends up as a stowaway on a ship headed for Sakhessa, but upon her arrival she finds herself in deep trouble. After a painful, embarrassing spanking from the planet’s head of security, she is informed that she now belongs to him and she will be punished, used, and enjoyed as he sees fit.

The collar she is made to wear is humiliating and being bared and put on public display is worse, but what truly leaves Aylee blushing crimson is the utter shame of begging for her newly fitted chastity belt to be removed so her master can claim her in the way she needs so desperately.

Aylee’s forced surrender arouses her deeply and her helpless pleasure only increases as she is mastered ever more completely, but will Sakhessa’s dark secret one day tear her new life apart?

Publisher’s Note: Caught and Trained includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Stella Rising

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 58,700 words


Vondre’s thick finger brushes against my clit, sending curls of excitement throughout my body.

Part of me wants to fight the sensation. I’m supposed to be mad at him. This whole ordeal has been completely humiliating. How could I possibly enjoy being treated like this? Yet, I moan into the thick gag as I feel his finger press inside my slick folds.

As his digit explores inside my drenched pussy, I grind my hips as much as my bonds allow me to. I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. The act doesn’t go unnoticed—the Sahye chuckle, but I don’t stop. What’s the point? They’re already laughing. It feels too good.

“Bad girl,” Vondre says, withdrawing his finger. “Did I say you could use me to pleasure yourself?”

My face darkens; even without the gag, I’d be too mortified to respond. I hang my head, shaking it. Is this what I’ve been reduced to?

“I know what you need, Aylee,” he says, reaching into his pocket. He pulls out a white orb of some kind and holds it up to my collar. After pressing it, a hologram swirls around the orb, then disappears. I wish I knew what that meant, though I expect I’ll find out shortly.

Vondre holds the device between my breasts, then slowly rolls it down my chest, then my stomach and waist. He doesn’t stop until the orb reaches my soaked entrance; as I squeal, he eases the orb inside me, lodging it securely within my tight inner walls. Its presence tantalizes me, a tease of the fullness my body craves.

Then Vondre releases his pants’ buckle and undresses, revealing his rock-hard erection.

But if the device is in my pussy, what is he…

Oh, no.

Crouching to retrieve a vial of fluid from his belt, he looks up at me as he lets it drip on his rigid cock. He spreads it all over, fully coating his member until it’s glistening. Knowing it’ll be well-lubricated brings me some relief, but just a little—alarm bells still ring in my mind, struggling to imagine how such a mammoth rod will fit inside my tight rear. Though I’ve experimented a little during play, I’ve never had anything close to that size attempt to penetrate me there.

“Relax, Aylee,” he says. “This will be more difficult if you fight it.”

That may be true, but how the hell am I supposed to relax right now? Even if we were in private, and I wasn’t locked in such a straining position, I would still be on the verge of losing my nerve.

I yelp through my gag when I feel his head poke against my clenched bud. Vondre slaps my ass, growling as he applies more pressure.

Grunting, I work on controlling my breathing. I tell myself to relax.

Vondre pours more of the lubricant into my ass, spreading it all over with his hand. He uses a thumb to urge the fluid into my anus. Squealing, I feel the oil within me. This is inevitable, it seems to be telling me, so I shut my eyes and release my muscles.

Slowly, a tremendous presence begins to drive its way into my narrow channel. Vondre doesn’t urge it in too quickly, and even pulls out a ways for every inch of progress. Once he senses I’ve managed to endure his cock, he plunges it into my ass a little deeper. The sensation occupies my senses so completely I manage to forget the Sahye are watching. I pay no attention to their murmurs, or the increasing brightness coming off them. When Vondre finally manages to thrust his cock all the way inside, I’m lost to the rising flood of pain and pleasure.

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