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Chosen by the Doctor by Samantha Madisen

Chosen by the Doctor

Each year Dr. Sheldon Renshaw offers a place in his home to a young woman who has just come of age and would otherwise face a life of poverty. With patient tutoring and, when necessary, strict discipline, these girls are transformed from wards of the state into respectable ladies suitable for Victorian society.

Eighteen-year-old Tennie Butler harbors little hope of being chosen by Dr. Renshaw, and she’s certain that whatever chance she had is lost after her defiant attitude earns her a sound spanking from the handsome physician during his annual visit to the orphanage. To her shock, however, that very evening she finds herself in a carriage heading for the esteemed doctor’s home.

It doesn’t take long for it to become clear that Tennie is quite different from the girls who have come before her, and when she is stripped bare for an intimate medical examination her helpless arousal cannot be overlooked. The wanton display leaves Dr. Renshaw yearning to claim Tennie, and soon enough she is begging for more as he dominates her completely. But can a doctor and an orphan truly forge a lasting bond, or will their passion burn hot and then flare out?

Publisher’s Note: Chosen by the Doctor includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Samantha Madisen

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 35,100 Words


“Put your hands on the table, Miss Butler.”

I balked at his request as I turned to stare at him. Surely he didn’t mean to lay his hands on me? Did he?

“I…” I began but could think of nothing else to say in reply.

“You will do as I say or you will regret it, I assure you.” The menace in his voice drove a shudder down my spine and made my body comply with his order, even if my mind hadn’t willed it.

I gasped as I felt my skirts lifted. I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was one thing to be spanked by Mrs. Everton’s wooden spoon or her brush, but I’d never been touched this way by a man!

I let out a shriek as I felt him yank down my underwear, exposing me to the room.

“What?!” I shrieked, struggling to look back.

He leaned closer. “I’m a doctor, Miss Butler, I can assure you it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. What I haven’t seen before is a young lady in need of a spanking as direly as you are.”

Before the last word was out of his mouth, his hard, heavy palm landed on the soft flesh of my bare bottom. I yelped at the pain, easily twice what Mrs. Everton could evoke, as it rushed through my body.

He quickly followed with another slap to my other cheek. My mind was reeling, in shock at what was happening.

Another smack, harder this time and lower on my right backside, then on the left. His palm kept crashing into me, his other hand on my back, steadying me against the desk.

I was in pain and torment from his correction when a wave of shame and humiliation flooded through me. Nothing like it had ever happened before, but I felt a trickle of dampness run from in between my legs.

I felt my face burn hotter as the pain of the spanking mingled with a strange arousal in between my legs. From deep within my core I felt a climax looming and I hoped that he would stop before it came.

When he stopped, it waned back into my core, but there was now a pool of warm dampness coming from my softest part. I closed my eyes and cursed my body and prayed he wouldn’t notice.

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