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Claimed as His Bride by Emily Tilton

Though nineteen-year-old Willa Stevens is excited about her upcoming marriage, she cannot help getting butterflies in her tummy at the thought of what her new husband will expect of his blushing bride. Being made to strip bare and put her virgin body on full display for an intimate, embarrassing medical examination only increases her nervousness, but what truly worries her is the doctor’s warning about a secret town tradition she will experience on her wedding night.

When she demands to know what is in store for her, Willa’s firm-handed fiancé doesn’t hesitate to take her over his knee for a long, hard spanking on her bare bottom. The stern correction arouses her deeply, ensuring that when the fateful night arrives at last she will be quivering with need and ready to be claimed in the shameful way countless brides before her have been claimed.


Publisher’s Note: Claimed as His Bride is the second book of the Shamefully Courted series. The books of the Shamefully Courted series are stand-alone novels which can be read in any order. Claimed as His Bride includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 44,000 words


Rex clamped his right thigh down harder, keeping her legs apart as Willa tried to close them, as if she meant to deny him this sexiest of views. He felt the climax, still building, and he thought he could teach her here and now, over his knee, to come again—and maybe settle in her mind once and for all whether she wanted to submit to the sexual training he meant to give his bride.

With his whole hand, Rex took hold of all the sweetness between her legs and between her well-spanked cheeks. His fingertips, on her clit, fluttered quickly against the center of her arousal. His palm could feel her virgin sheath spasm against her husband’s commanding grip. Best of all—and most dominant—he moved his thumb further back, boldly parting the little apples of her backside to touch the tiny rose there, and to tell her with that touch how very thoroughly she would belong to her bridegroom before morning broke again over Red Creek.

Willa’s first orgasm had receded a few seconds earlier, and so before the next one swept over her she had the breath to say, softly and wonderingly, just as she felt her husband’s thumb on her anus, “Oh, God… oh, please… sir.” Then the next climax came on, and she screamed even louder, bucked even harder against Rex’s grasp.

He kept her pussy and her bottom in his hand for a long time, as Willa just kept coming. At last, though he felt sure she wanted—needed—more, he took the hand away, opened it, and began to stroke her warm bottom gently. He smoothed the alluring gusset of her lacy thong back into place. The feeling drew a little whimper that sounded like a protest from Willa’s chest, but no more.

Rex took his hand from her bottom, finally, and let go of her wrist. He reached for his champagne flute, pleased and a little surprised to realize the precious Dom hadn’t warmed much at all since he’d put it down. He sipped contemplatively, gazing down at the marvelous prospect of his lovely bride’s bare bottom, pondering how very quickly such earthshattering events as the orgasms he had just forced on his young wife can unfold.

Willa whimpered again, as if she could hear him swallow his champagne, could sense in it precisely the dominance he meant her to understand. Her climaxes had made his heart glow. Though the pleasure had been hers, she had received it obediently, despite the degradation of being made to come over her husband’s knee after a spanking. She deserved another little reward, before she at last obeyed his embarrassing commands.

“Stand up, Wills,” he said softly, and he helped her obey with his right hand, his left still holding the champagne. Her flushed, tearstained face tilted downward to where he held the flute, as if she couldn’t look him in the eye after the erotic display he had just called forth from her innocent body.

With his right hand, he lifted her chin, until she did turn her gaze upon him, her beautiful blue eyes meeting his and, it seemed, noticing Rex’s warm smile, because Willa smiled too. He raised the flute and put it in the right hand she instinctively reached out for it. Willa’s smile became a grin—almost a mischievous grin, Rex thought, like the mouth of a girl who’s gotten away with something. She raised the glass to her lips, and took not a sip but a swallow, draining half the champagne in a second.

Rex couldn’t help it: he laughed as he took the flute away from his naughty bride.

“I love you so much,” he said, and he put his arms around her, holding the glass around the back of her wedding gown, delighting in the feeling of her silky skin where it emerged from the paradoxically less silky fabric.

“Oh, Rex… sir,” Willa breathed against his shoulder. “Me too. I… it’s just…”

Rex’s own smile got bigger. “I know, Wills. But trust me?”

“You’re going to whip me!” she exclaimed petulantly.

“I am,” he confirmed. “You didn’t give me any choice.”

Willa sighed and clung to him, as if those words had some meaning to her, inside.

No choice. Did either of them have a choice, really?

“Time to get you out of this gown,” he said, putting a little authority in his tone.

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