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Claimed as Payment: A Dark Alien Romance by Samantha Madisen

My father owed a debt. I was the payment.

When they come to collect what they’re owed, the Kerz never leave empty-handed, and after my father failed to repay his debts with money they took one of his daughters for breeding instead.


But it wasn’t their leader who chose me, and it isn’t him who leaves me shamefully wet and ready to be claimed every time he strips me bare and then torments me with helpless pleasure.

It is Rysethk, his fiercest warrior.

He was only meant to train me, but we both know he has made me his.


Publisher’s Note: Claimed as Payment includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Samantha Madisen

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 68,600 words


When we step into his dungeon, I slip the robe from my shoulders without being asked. I do this to show him that I’m not afraid of him, not about to be broken. I don’t admit to myself that this is an easy gesture, because I have begun to crave his possession of my body, his control over me.

The robe falls to the floor and I step out of the pile to climb onto the table. Our sessions always begin like this, with me on all fours. He straps me to the table, and places a collar around my neck that he tugs when I fail to maintain the position he wants me in.

He begins by putting his fingers on the jeweled knob of the implement in my ass, pushing on it, slowly tipping it down, then up, then side to side. An ache builds inside of me, and my pussy never fails to well up with excitement. He twists it, awakening the insides of my most intimate places, reminding my flesh of the contours of the implement, of the raw desire that had almost dulled overnight. He fucks me slowly with it, and I get wetter. I no longer try to fight this, there isn’t any point.

Then, slowly, he removes the implement. An agony grips me when it leaves my ass, the emptiness that replaces its shape is all-encompassing. He then gives me an enema, filling me again, satisfying my desires for a few minutes. And then he takes it all away from me again, emptying me, and our day of pleasurable torture begins, as I’m trained to please Kerz males.

Today, he lingers on the implement, slowly moving it in and out of my ass, until I mewl and my hips begin to move. I’m not even aware that I’m doing this until he places a hand on my lower back. “Be still,” he growls.

I obey, like a reflex. I want to obey him, and my body follows his commands before my brain has time to realize that I want to resist. His hand is firm on my lower back but he cannot stop the motion of my body that way. He fucks me with the implement a few times before I begin to resist him again, mewling, sweat gathering at my temples. I wish that he would lose control and fuck me, that I could feel his cock inside of me, his body against mine.

He swats my right buttock—hard. The sting of it is sharp and I suck in my breath, enjoying the wave of heat that spreads over my skin. It only makes me less able to control myself, and I move my hips again, pushing backward to drive the implement deeper into my ass. When I buck against his hand and the resistance pushes against my anus, I howl in pleasure.

He slaps my ass again, this time more firmly.

“Oh!” I yelp, but I can hear in my own voice what he must surely hear, too: I like to be spanked. It only makes me hotter, I only crave it. When he spanks me roughly, until my skin is burning and itchy, and then rubs the heat into my body with his hands, my pussy pours juices down my thighs. He knows this… how could he not?

“I have commanded you to be still,” he growls, spanking me again, three sharp swats in rapid succession. They only make me squirm more. But he doesn’t stop me, not really; his fingers drop to the knob and curl beneath it, and without his claws extended, his fingertips brush against my clit as I rock my hips and begin to fuck the implement myself. Because of where his fingers are, he’s stimulating me, and I’m getting closer and closer to an orgasm. I can’t stop now; I have been craving to come at his touch for weeks now.

He continues to spank me, but the spanking only drives me wilder. My skin is on fire, and every slap stings more than the one before, sending waves of sharp, burning pain over my ass, rolling waves of heat reaching all the way up my back and down my thighs. I continue to disobey him, fucking the implement. He holds it so that I can, and doesn’t stop me.

“Oh,” I whisper, feeling an orgasm shuddering to life deep in my abdomen. My eyes are wet with tears, and this only makes me add to them. “I’m so close,” I hear myself saying. “Please, don’t stop me, don’t stop…”