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Claimed Brides: Seven Alpha Shifter Romances by Pepper North, Allysa Hart, Maren Smith, Golden Angel, Delta James, Morganna Williams, and Lesley Clark

Some were bought. Others were taken. All will be claimed.

Claimed Brides is a collection featuring seven scalding hot new shifter romances from seven awesome authors. This thrillingly sexy box set includes the following novellas:

A Polar Second Chance by Pepper North

Ruth would have never expected to experience a connection with the seer of Clan Thorben, but merely touching the handsome polar bear shifter’s hand leaves her feeling warm in a way she never has before. But he doesn’t plan for her to be just his mate. She will be his little girl also, to be loved, cherished, and spanked very soundly on her bare bottom when she’s been naughty.

Daddy’s Naughty Mate by Allysa Hart

In the time since she snuck aboard a ship bound for Terra Arcus and ended up claimed by a firm-handed panther shifter she now calls daddy, Callie has learned what it means to belong to a savage beast. But when the mate she loves must return to his ancestral homeland to care for his ailing mother, Callie finds herself thrust into the midst of a deadly battle for control of his pack.

Blackwell’s Price by Maren Smith

Though Cyan Price is having second thoughts about her decision to sign up for the trip to Terra Arcus, upon her arrival she soon learns that what happens next isn’t going to be up to her. The huge, fearsomely sexy tiger shifter in charge of auctioning off human females as mates has chosen her for himself, and he is looking forward to taming her and making her his in every way.

Marked for the Gryphons by Golden Angel

Eva intended to infiltrate Terra Arcus via the bride program, but she ended up stripped bare and sold to three gryphon shifters. As she is flown to her new home on the back of a terrifying beast with her cheeks blushing and her well-spanked bottom burning, she knows the most shameful part is yet to come. Her mates don’t just plan to share her, they plan to take her all at once.

Sabretooth by Delta James

When reporter Tegan Mason sets out to expose the truth about the women who volunteer to work on Terra Arcus, she ends up taken captive and sent there herself to be sold at auction. But the shifters of Clan Sabre don’t buy mates, they take them, and when the ship that transported her is raided she finds herself being carried off by a brute who has no intention of claiming her gently.

Mamuut’s Haven by Morganna Williams

Caring for what is left of her people is all that keeps Haven going, but her life is changed forever when the alpha of Clan Mamuut saves her from scavengers. The massive, effortlessly dominant mammoth shifter informs Haven that she is his mate, and in spite of her defiance she has soon been bared and very soundly spanked. But before he claims her, she will be made to beg for it.

Their Sassy Mate by Lesley Clark

When her quest to track down her sister prompts her to accept help from a mysterious stranger, Susie ends up on Terra Arcus in the company of a man who turns out to be an alpha shifter. But her guide soon makes it clear that not only is he planning to claim her as his mate and spank her any time she disobeys him, he will be sharing her with another wolf from his pack as well.

Publisher’s Note: Claimed Brides is the second book of the Brides of Terra Arcus series. The novellas of this collection include spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Authors: Pepper North, Allysa Hart, Maren Smith, Golden Angel, Delta James, Morganna Williams, and Lesley Clark

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 146,000 words


“Please, please, Daddy. I’ll be good. I’ll obey. I promise.”

“There’s nothing I love more than your desperate little pleas when you’re being punished. Unfortunately for you, they will not dissuade me in the slightest. Let’s warm this ass up before I fuck it.”

He started spanking hard and fast, reawakening the pain of the welts he had laid on her not an hour earlier. Callie squirmed to get away but even she knew it was no use.

She hated this position. She couldn’t wriggle, couldn’t break away, and when she dropped her left hand behind her to stop him from spanking the same damn spot over and over again, he caught her wrist and pinned it to the small of her back, making it even worse. She still loved him, still desperately wanted him, and with every fiery smack his bare hand landed on her bare bottom, the flaming sting just made her passion burn that much hotter.

“Mmm, nice and warm and red just like you should be.” Rego palmed her cheeks roughly before again plunging his fingers inside of her pussy. He chuckled. “And even wetter than before. You aren’t supposed to enjoy your spankings, young lady,” he teased, knowing that a hard spanking always made her drip with need.

Callie bit her lip to keep from begging. The faint taste of her own blood hit her tongue.

“Up.” Rego slapped her bottom and shifted out from between her legs, giving her just time enough to scramble onto her hands and knees. She dropped her head to the mattress, offering up her burning ass as she braced herself, digging her knees into the mattress and grabbing the blanket in tight fists.

Without preamble, he entered her, his cock driving into her pussy until the room echoed both with her shouts and the wet slaps of his rough pumping. She ground her teeth, trying to lock back her cries as the pleasure built impossibly fast, but he knew exactly how far to take her. The spasms of her impending orgasm were just dancing on the edges of every sweet nerve when he suddenly pulled out.

She cried out her frustration, the cutting displeasure of her orgasm denied damn near painful as he slapped her bottom again. Prying open her bottom cheeks, he slammed into her back passage. To her utter surprise, the burning pain that typically accompanied this method of punishment was almost immediately replaced with overwhelming ecstasy. She threw her head back, shouting as the orgasms she had just been robbed of ripped through her. Wave after wave, they hit her, flooding until she could feel her own gushing wetness saturating the bed below them as Rego mercilessly fucked her tight hole.

She lost count of how many times he made her come before she collapsed, completely spent. Rego drilled her into the mattress until he found his own fulfillment. Roaring out his release, he slammed into her one last time and then stayed seated inside of her, panting until he regained his breath.

Disengaging slowly, he wrapped his arms around her body and laid down beside her, holding her to him.

“Rest, little one.”

“Are you going to leave me here alone?”

“Not a chance. Now rest, we have a long night ahead.”

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