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Claimed by the Barbarian by Samantha Madisen

When she is awakened in the night and informed that a barbarian army has reached the gates of her city, Leola soon finds herself standing naked before King Sedrak, the fearsome brute who leads the invaders. Though she is heir to the throne, from now on she will be the property of her new master, a pet to be led around on a leash and a plaything to be used in any way he pleases.

Despite her blushing indignation as she is stripped bare and put on public display, the shameful reminder of her place arouses Leola deeply and her need for him grows with every stern punishment and helpless climax. But will the barbarian king one day claim her as his bride?




Publisher’s Note: Claimed by the Barbarian includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Samantha Madisen

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 72,000 words


Sedrak clapped a hand on her ass, twisted the thing, and with a final push drove it in until the flange settled against her backside. He patted her ass.

This time when she blushed it was partly at the shame and humiliation of being probed like an animal. But part of the reaction came from the tender way he lauded her acceptance of the implement. His touch still rough but far gentler than it had been.

“My, that’s pretty,” he muttered, standing up.

She didn’t dare move, waiting for his next command instead.

He stepped around to face her and offered a hand.

Reaching up she took it. But when she tried to stand she found the pressure in her backside nearly unbearable. “I don’t… Master, I don’t know if I can…”

“Quiet. Stand,” he said. Grabbing both her hands he hauled her to her feet.

The thing made standing equally difficult. She squirmed and turned, trying to find a position where it didn’t press on the inside of her quite so much. Every movement caused it to make contact with a part inside of her that ached like her pussy, strangely, pleasantly, sorely.

She finally settled on rolling onto the balls of her feet and pressing her bottom out into the air behind her. It was the only position that she could bear for more than a moment.

Sedrak watched her make the adjustments. He rubbed his chin. “You like a plug in your bottom?” he asked.

“Yes, Master.” She knew this to be the only acceptable answer, and yet her words were not entirely a lie. She knew it was dirty and wrong, and being forced to admit that she liked it made the cool arousal in her lower abdomen twist yet again. As she stood there, making the tiniest adjustments, the plug inside of her massaged her deep in her bottom, setting her body on fire.

Sedrak’s eyes wandered over her body again. They paused at her breasts. He lifted his hands and cupped them, making her blush again. When he saw her reaction his cock lurched between his legs. “You wear your shame well,” he stated in his labored Southern dialect.

But suddenly, he yelled, “Barval!”

The tent flap lifted and the man who’d led her from her cage stepped in.

Suddenly the spell was broken. Now it wasn’t just her and the gruff warrior king. Now this… this other man could clearly see what was sticking out of her bottom. Did he know how she’d been used? Did he know what Sedrak’s hand had done between her legs?

“Yes, my lord,” Barval said, bowing his head. He seemed only remotely interested in what was taking place.

Sedrak picked his loincloth off the ground, wrapped it around his waist, and belted it. His stern expression had returned. He grabbed her hair and tipped her head to one side then licked her neck. “Take her to her cage.” To Leola he murmured, “I wish to make you endure this plug, and the desire it brings to you.”

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