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Top 100 Spot Is ALSO Claimed By The Beast!

top100_claimedbythebeastI couldn’t help myself on the word-play, but it’s true! This beast of a smoking-hot story has claimed a spot on Amazon’s Top 100 in Sci-Fi Romance! This is not Natasha Knight‘s first visit to a Top 100 List, and it won’t be the last, but Claimed by the Beast has certainly earned it! It’s impossible to put down, and you’ll think so, too. Pick up a copy today–don’t miss out on this book!

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★★★★★  (Renee Rose) “HOT STUFF”

I just finished Claimed by the Beast and let me just tell you, it is HOT STUFF. Exactly my cup of tea. I love paranormal because it allows spanking in contemporary setting without raising all the usual questions of consent. And shifters are sexy. I loved getting Elijah and Kayla’s DD life (and their new baby) and Marcus and Rachel had their share of sultry punishment, too. The action-packed plot was full of suspense and thrills an the bad guy had his own hero’s arc as well!

★★★★★  (Han van Meegeren) “Do Not Disturb”

A new release of a book from Natasha Knight equals to a ‘ do not disturb’ sign reading it. I rather like the the Alpha male Wolves that shift into stern dominant men. Protectective men and yet sensitive men. Natasha Knight knows her shapeshifting stories, remember Taken by the Beast? Well, Claimed by the Beast is even more action packed and even more firm action and discipline(!) is needed. We meet Kayla and Elijah again from the first book. We see how their relationship has matured, it’s not just spanking anymore… We meet a mad scientist that is trying to find a cure for Parkinsons disease but instead he turns into a shapeshifting monster. And kidnaps Rachel. Our hero Marcus comes to Rachels rescue of course, but that doesn’t wrap up the story. No cherie! This long story continues with hot spanking scenes and a little more then just spanking. Natasha Knight, I think one of the best writers in Domestic Discipline, has written an even hotter book than Taken by the Beast, if that is possible. You don’t have to read Taken first to read Claimed by the Beast, it’s completely standalone story, but you would be doing yourself a favor.

★★★★★  (_SH) “Wonderful Followup to Taken By The Beast”

Let me start by saying you don’t have to read ‘Taken by the Beast’ to enjoy this book as they both stand alone, but if you haven’t read it you really should. This was an excellent follow up and the suspense, along with some other wonderful things, just had me turning page after page. This is a fantastic story with such a detailed plot and characters you can’t help but lose yourself for a while. It is written very well which makes it just so enjoyable. I started reading last night and got up early this morning to finish and this is one I will definitely read again. Marcus and Rachel finally found happiness along with Kayla and Elijah and I, for one, would love to read another book with them.

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