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Claimed: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance by Ivy Barrett

First she must be mastered. Then she can be claimed.

When Altorian warriors carried her off from the home where she grew up, the biggest shock for Eden Barr wasn’t discovering that everything she’d been told about the world was a lie. It was learning that she will soon be taken as a mate by not one but two of the infuriatingly sexy aliens.

But before Eden can be claimed, her mates will need to master her completely, bringing her virgin body to the edge of climax over and over with teasing caresses before making her scream in helpless ecstasy as she is ravaged by each of them in turn and then both of them at once.

Only then will they be able to harness the power within her… and make her theirs forever.


Publisher’s Note: Claimed is a stand-alone novel which is the fifth book in the Exchanged Power series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ivy Barrett

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 63,800 words


“What are you doing?” Eden turned her head from one side to the other trying to see what was going on.

Neloff didn’t answer her. Instead he blocked her view with his back and gathered what he needed from one of the drawers inside the compartment. Keeping the items hidden as he returned, he moved behind her and triggered the cable release with a telepathic pulse. He pulled her closer to the foot of the bed then locked the cables down again.

“I just want conduits to have control over their own fucking lives,” she snarked, anger refocusing her mind on the original topic. “If that really is illegal then the laws need to be changed.”

Neloff paused to enjoy the view. Her bottom was still rosy from Kyrex’s hand, but it was about to get a whole lot redder. Her pussy gleamed with arousal, the folds flushed and ready to open for his fingers or his cock. Moving closer, he traced her crease, teasing her with a feather-light touch. A faint whine escaped her and her hips lifted just a bit.

“Such a soft, needy pussy.” He leaned down and traced the silken flesh with the tip of his tongue, brushing over her clit just once before pulling away. She was sopping wet, her hips starting to rock. Despite all her struggles and protests, Eden loved to be restrained. “Too bad it’s going to be a very long time before anyone fucks you.”

“Why?” she cried. “I’m trying to help other conduits. I do not deserve this!”

Neloff picked up the cock-shaped trainer and slowly pushed it into her pussy. It was larger than his fingers, but not as thick as his cock. She would feel the fullness without enjoying the intense stretch she’d come to crave. He slid the trainer in and out, watching her reluctant body bend to his will.

“Disobedient mates get their holes stuffed but they’re not allowed to come,” Neloff told her. Then to Kyrex, he said, “Isn’t that right, Controller.”

“That’s exactly right, Source.” Kyrex grinned at him.

At least they were on the same page. All they needed to do now was find a way to reach their stubborn conduit.

Leaving her pussy full, Neloff eased her bottom cheeks apart and positioned the second trainer against her other opening. Her pussy had been wet and ready, but he triggered beads of lubricant on the trainer before pushing it inside her tightest hole.

Eden groaned, helplessly lifted her hips as Neloff drove the trainer deeper and deeper. He slapped her ass as he fucked her naughty hole, wanting to make sure she understood how upsetting he found her new project. When her cheeks were nice and pink again, Neloff extended the anchor bar from the anal trainer and fastened it to the shaft in her pussy. This would keep the trainers in place no matter how hard she tried to expel them.

“She’s all yours, Kyrex.” Neloff moved to the side, wanting to watch his cousin work without being in his way. Kyrex was better at being cruel to her, and Eden’s refusal to listen or compromise had earned a little cruelty.

“How does that feel, epowki?” Kyrex mocked. He thrust the trainers into her hard and fast, proving Neloff’s point. “Does our naughty little bunny like being stuffed full of trainers instead of her mates’ warm cocks?”