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Claiming the Princess by Rose St. Andrews

When Jasmine ignores all expectations for the behavior of a princess and breaks the rules of her strict society, she soon finds herself arrested and then subjected to an embarrassing medical exam before her sentencing. Offered the chance to escape, she ends up under the protection of three brothers who quickly prove more than ready to spank her bare bottom when she is naughty.

Her firm-handed protectors do not merely plan to tame her, however. They intend to share her as well, claiming every inch of her beautiful body in the most shameful ways imaginable. But when she’s captured and taken to the city for trial, will she lose the men she’s grown to love forever?




Publisher’s Note: Claiming the Princess includes sexual scenes, pony play, and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Rose St. Andrews

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 56,000 words


He moved to his work stool and sat, and pointed at the floor on his right side. “You know what? I think I will. Yeah, it’ll vent my frustration, you’ll learn a lesson, and I think we’ll both feel better about the situation. Come here!”

As if in slow motion, she moved toward him feeling like a condemned woman headed to her execution. The few feet she had to traverse seemed to stretch out off into infinity. Yet, somehow she managed to get to his side.

“Y-y-yes, Joseph?”

He pointed at his lap. “Over!”

She barely heard him. Her blood was pounding in her ears so loudly almost nothing could get through. Her left hand touched his right thigh, her right his left and she bent down across his lap. Slowly she lowered herself into position until she came to rest across his broad and muscular lap. With him on the stool, she was high in the air—her hands and feet didn’t touch the floor, and it was quite embarrassing to still be in her silly French maid outfit. His left arm descended across her back, the hairs on his forearm tickled her back, and his large right hand squeezed and kneaded her cheeks. Her legs dangling free meant her ass was stretched tight, so even through panties and skirt, she felt the curves of his fingers and the strength of his muscles. She shivered, goosebumps exploded across her entire body, and she thought her tongue was going to swell up and seal off her mouth.

Smack! His hand struck the center of her ass. She gasped, her eyes growing large, and her body’s reaction totally shocked her. Yes, there was pain, but there was also something else mixed in with it, something she’d felt the night before with Arty. She tried to process the sensation, but it wasn’t easy with the smacks and scolding.

“Jasmine, you have to be more careful from now on, do you understand me? I will not tolerate this careless attitude of yours!”

“I… I… ouch! Yes, Joseph, yes, sir, not be clumsy, try harder—ow!”

“You better, you read me? You screw up like this again, and do you know what’ll happen to you?” he questioned, landed a solid smack to her right cheek.

“I… um… that is… I,” she stammered, trying to get her tongue to work.

“Do you?” he demanded, giving her left an equally sound smack.

“Spanked, I get… sp-sp-spanked, ouch,” she blurted out.

“Very good, you’re learning. I know it might sound primitive, I know it might seem like something better suited to a child, but I happen to be old school, especially when it comes to a naughty young lady who should know better.”

The smacks kept landing, back and forth from one cheek to the other, then around the outer edges of her ass, across the crack, and—worst of all—down low where her glutes met her upper thighs. Oh, those stung the most of all. Fire rippled across her flesh, building and burning, and yet in the background was that other feeling, the one she couldn’t quite figure out. Throbbing bolts pulsated inside her body. It was as if the smacks of his hands were being delivered in slow motion. Between each spank, fingers of energy thrust into her pussy, setting it on fire.

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