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Claiming Their Pet by Rose St. Andrews

Though women are not supposed to be allowed on the outposts in the asteroid belt, Jodi has grown to like her life as a member of a ship salvaging crew, but then her father’s death threatens to derail it all. Not wanting to be sent home, Jodi keeps the news of his passing to herself, but when her deception is discovered by one of his closest friends she ends up in deep trouble.

To her surprise, Jodi soon finds herself bared and bound for a thorough, humiliating chastisement from all ten men of the outpost’s crew. But even with her cheeks blushing and her well-punished bottom burning her body’s response to the strict correction cannot be hidden, and it isn’t long before she is writhing in ecstasy as she is brought to one painfully intense climax after another.

Over the coming days Jodi learns what it means to be a pet and a plaything for ten firm-handed men who will not hesitate to deal sternly with any disobedience, yet as she is used and enjoyed in ever more shameful ways her need for them only increases. But when her presence at the outpost is discovered by the government, will Jodi be torn away from the masters she has grown to love?

Publisher’s Note: Claiming Their Pet includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Rose St. Andrews

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 46,000 words


Again her cheeks were parted. She grunted and tried to relax to release the plug, and then kept her butt cheeks as tight as possible to hold it in. He turned and left without a word, leaving the door open, and she raced for the toilet. Coming into the room, he then got her dressed, which made her blush bright red and squirm. It was a special striped body suit; it covered her from neck to feet and out to her wrists, but it left her butt, crotch and breasts bare.

Sitting on the bed, he patted his lap. “Over you go.”

“Eeep, y-y-yes, sir.”

Trembling, she crawled into position, wondering what he had planned for her, and then groaned as she felt an all too familiar sensation: her cheeks being parted. Cold lube swirled across her, and then yet another kind of plug slowly entered her. One rib was easy, the second made her gasp and grit her teeth, and the third was especially wide and got a squeal out of her. A click sounded behind her and she felt softness caress her cheeks, and then a headband slid into place. He helped her up and then stood before her smiling.

“Now you look like a proper kitty,” he said happily, and gestured at the mirror. “Have a look, my pet.”

She did, her jaw dropping. The headband gave her kitty ears, but that was nothing compared to what was behind her. Turning so as to see as much of her back as possible, she saw that she now had a long fluffy black tail.

“M-m-master, what is this?” she squealed.

“Well, as you’re now our pet, we thought it appropriate that you look the part. Now, you get to work and I’ll see you at lunchtime, and don’t drag your feet when it comes to doing your chores! Get to them.”

“Yes, sir,” she said softly.

Taking her in his arms, he kissed her, long and deep, his hands snaking around to cup and massage her tender cheeks. She went up on her tiptoes and moaned into his mouth, and felt a pang of regret when he pulled away. A moment later, she was alone as he trotted off to his office, and she tried not to think about her humiliating outfit as she worked. Yet, she also took comfort in doing something familiar and that she was an expert at, especially after being exposed to so many new things in so short a time. However, all the while, as she worked there was a thought in the back of her head, and it moved closer and closer to the forefront of her mind as she checked off the tasks on her to-do list.

What would happen when she went outside?

Finally, she had to leave the lighthouse. There were supplies she needed, she had to drop off some physical files at Dwight’s office—he wouldn’t let her use emails anymore—and so she gathered her items and stood before the closed front door.

This is it! “Hal, open the front door, please.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Jodi,” he said in his smooth clear voice.

Her brow wrinkled. “Huh, why not?”

“Dwight has ordered that you now use the pet door.”

“The what?” she cried, her eyes growing large. Her jaw dropped as a little baby spotlight clicked on and illuminated a small door down on the floor next to the front door. “He… he put that in?”

“Yes, and you are to go in and out through there, and only there.”

She knew better than to argue. Getting down on all fours, she crawled forward. The door swung back to let her through—it was roomy, but she did have to stay low—and she made her way slowly through it, and then yelped as the door whooshed down to give her a firm smack.

Jodi’s cheeks blushed. What was going to happen when she reached the center of town, and how would the men react to the sight of her?

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