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Cold Hard Cash: A Dark Mafia Romance by K.L. Hiers

When you owe money to a powerful mafia kingpin, you find a way to pay it back or you get hurt, and the only thing twenty-six-year-old Jimmy Poe has to offer a man like Boss Cold is himself. Cold agrees to give Jimmy a chance to have his debt cancelled, but it will mean surrendering his body to Cold’s rough, ruthless demands every night until the very last penny has been repaid.

Over the coming days, Jimmy learns what it means to be truly mastered, and Cold’s stern dominance arouses him far more intensely than he would have thought possible. But as their business arrangement grows into a romance, can Cold keep Jimmy safe in his dangerous world?



Publisher’s Note: Cold Hard Cash includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: K.L. Hiers

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 108,000 words


Over and over, Cold spanked him, Jimmy certain his ass was going to be bruised tomorrow. Panting as tears began to run down his face, he gritted his teeth to bear it. Cold was not holding back at all, and it hurt like hell.

Cold would pause for a few moments, silent except for his heavy breathing, almost tenderly rubbing over where his hand had just slapped before spanking Jimmy again. The pattern kept repeating, giving Jimmy only a few seconds to catch his breath in between slams, moaning and squirming.

“Now, when I tell you to do something, it is not a question, it is a command,” Cold scolded, giving him one final smack. “You will do it… yes?”

“I will, sir,” Jimmy gasped, his ass throbbing from the abuse. He could feel his pulse in each cheek and in his cock, mewling pitifully, “I swear, I will.”

“Otherwise, you’ll be punished again,” Cold warned softly, his hand gently rubbing over Jimmy’s raw flesh. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, fuck, I do,” Jimmy replied, wiping his tears off on the sheets, turning his head back to look up at Cold. “I understand, sir.”

“Now… the toy. Finish what you started, and perhaps I’ll let you come,” Cold taunted.

Jimmy’s eyes bugged out at that, his mind reeling. Being denied his orgasm had never occurred to him, and he whimpered at the thought. This was torture—sweet, beautiful torture, and he quickly grabbed the dildo again. Rolling onto his back, he winced as his tender cheeks touched the mattress.

“Good boy,” Cold sighed, a breathy and pleased sound that made Jimmy shiver. “Now remember, slowly.”

Jimmy nodded, groaning as he pushed the toy inside him at the requested speed. Every inch made him gasp and cry out, sweat beading all across his forehead. The toy felt so much thicker than it had first looked and the angle was awkward. He took his time, managing to push it all the way in and slide it back out, fucking himself at a sluggish pace.

“There,” Cold praised, unbuttoning his pants and reaching down to touch himself as he watched Jimmy. “Just like that, Mr. Poe.”

Jimmy strained to look up at Cold, hopeful that he was about to start stripping and he would finally see what he looked like naked. But the mob boss did little more than open up the front of his pants, and that’s when Jimmy got the first glimpse of Cold’s cock.

“Oh, shit,” Jimmy cursed, his eyes wide in shock. Now he understood why all of the toys were so large, but still not a one could compare to what Cold had going for him.

“Oh, yes.” Cold actually grinned, that smug bastard, stroking his thick length as he watched Jimmy squirm. “Get back on your knees for me. Now.”

To say that Roderick Legrand had been blessed sounded too innocent and sweet; it didn’t quite capture the underlying terror of knowing that massive thing had to fit inside Jimmy’s ass.

Groaning as the toy slipped out of him, Jimmy scrambled to get back into position. He scooted backwards until he felt Cold’s hand stop him, sliding along his spine and pushing his head down. He could feel the warm head of Cold’s cock pressing against his thigh, and he closed his eyes while taking a long, deep breath.

He could hear the crinkle of a wrapper, a condom, and then Cold’s blunt fingers were probing at his hole.

“Mmmph, you’re still so tight,” Cold chuckled cruelly. “Maybe next time you’ll prep better.”

Jimmy gulped softly, moaning as Cold’s fingers sank into him. Next time, Cold had just said it. There was going to be a next time. That meant this was going well despite Jimmy’s previous infraction. He tried to relax as Cold fingered him roughly, tried to remind himself of what had brought him here.

Cold continued to tease and stretch out his hole, his long fingers playing in all the slick left behind from his earlier efforts. He finally seemed satisfied that Jimmy was ready, the head of his cock suddenly there in place of his fingers without warning.

The first sting of penetration took Jimmy’s breath away, trying to breathe through his nose and not scream. Cold was pushing and pushing and forcing Jimmy’s body to open up. He couldn’t hold back any longer, shouting as Cold slammed the last few inches of his thick cock inside him.

“Oh, God, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Jimmy cried, up on his elbows, trying to find any way to relieve the intense pressure.

“There you go,” Cold purred low, already beginning to move his body forward, thrusting deeply into Jimmy’s tight hole. “Just like that, Mr. Poe…”

Jimmy couldn’t find relief, Cold’s hands holding his hips in place and pulling him back to meet every savage slam. He whimpered and moaned, his eyes fluttering closed against the incredible sensations. The pain was intense, but pleasure was starting to lick its way up his spine, sending all the right signals to his brain to make his cock twitch.

It was starting to feel good.

Really good.

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