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Cold-Hearted King: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone

I needed a knight in shining armor. I ended up with a king.

In Miami, Sebastian Cawthorn is a king, ruthless in business and brutal to his enemies. But here in Colorado he was just a cocky bastard I wanted out of my bar so I could close up for the night.

Until I pushed him too far and he took off his belt.

It could have ended there, with nothing more than wounded pride and a burning backside, but by the end of the night I was screaming my surrender into the sheets as he claimed me savagely.

By the time I found out he owns the ranch where I’ve been living, I belonged to him already.



Publisher’s Note: Cold-Hearted King is a standalone romance. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 91,700 words


The hard smack on my aching bottom was followed by another before he nudged my legs wide open, not wasting any time crawling behind me on the bed. Now on my hands and knees, I tossed my head over my shoulder, dragging my tongue across my bottom lip as I stared at him. His cock was throbbing and so purple that I was thirsty all over again. There was nothing like having his thick shaft in my mouth, deep throating him like a good girl.

Whew. My mind was completely in the gutter, something new and different.

He fisted my hair, yanking it back as if tugging on a horse’s rein, using his other hand to drive his cock back into my tight channel. The angle was just different enough I moaned in ecstasy, seeing the stars and flashing colors of light all over again.

The sinful moment continued, City Slicker driving in and out in a perfect rhythm. Only seconds later, I realized I was bucking hard against him, arching my back as he kept his firm hold. My breasts ached, the force he used adding to the heightened level of sensitivity. I yelped the second he cracked his hand against my bottom three more times.

“That hurt.”

“Exactly. Just like it should.” He laughed after issuing the words, fucking me even more brutally than before.

I had no idea how long the man kept going but his stamina was incredible. When he gripped my bottom, rolling his fingers down the crack of my ass, I tensed, once again looking over my shoulder.

He had a mischievous look on his face before sliding his thumb into his mouth, sucking on it like the thick digit was a lollypop. What in God’s name was he doing?

Just then it dawned on me. He was going to shove it into my asshole. Oh, dear God. I panted, trying to scramble away but it was no use. I was his for the taking, every hole included. My thought was confirmed seconds later as he shoved his thumb into my dark hole, pumping in perfect rhythm to the way he was fucking me.

I found it strangely erotic, something no man had ever dared attempt with me before. Within seconds, I realized I enjoyed the filthy invasion, bucking as I’d done before. My grip on the comforter was firm, yanking at the cheap cloth for support.

Within seconds, another orgasm swept through me. I tossed my head back, the scream loud and proud this time. I was thrown by just how amazing it felt, the combination delicious in its dirtiness.

“That’s it. Come for me, Big Red.” He tugged on my hair again, twisting it until he could see my expression. I was lost in the wave to the point where nothing else mattered but the joyful bliss.

He didn’t stop, picking up his pace until I sensed he knew I was coming down from the rafters.

“Now, I’m going to claim that dark hole of yours.”