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The Commander’s Mate Takes Three Top 100 Spots

The Commander's Mate by Morganna Williams Makes Amazon Top 100

Morganna Williams‘ first book, The Commander’s Mate, has claimed the #1 spot on the Amazon Top 100 for Science Fiction Erotica, and reached the Top 100 lists in BDSM Erotica and Romantic Erotica as well! Congratulations, Morganna!

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Come see what readers are already saying about this book!

★★★★★ SH @ “One HOT, great story here!!”, September 5, 2014
What a fantastic plot idea!! Izzy is quite a handful, she actually made me laugh out loud more than once, and when she meets Grayson for the first time, the sparks start to fly right off the page and it never stops! This is not just a HOT story, it is so much more than that. Great characters and a plot with some depth make for a wonderful read. I hope there will be a sequel because I am sure there are other Ramelians who are in need of an earthling mate (hint hint) Very well done and I am looking forward to the next release by this author.

★★★★★ Sebrinarose @ “Fantastic fantasy – super creative and majorly HOT!!”, September 5, 2014
This creative fantasy has it all – wonderful romance- great spanking and sex galore! Talk about well written and HOT!!

Loved the strong yet fair no-nonsense hero and our relatable heroine has a sassy-feisty side that makes me grin. Really awesome characters and a wonderfully romantic story. I truly hope you have more stories to share -I will buy them ALL!

★★★★★ Mlmayer @ “Awesome”, September 7, 2014
I came across this book and author and decided to give it a ctrl and I have to say I loved it. I hope she plans to do more books to go with this book. Hopefully it will become a series.

★★★★★ Stardawn @ “A great world of potential”, September 12, 2014
I enjoyed this story and the world that was created with it. I agree with may of the other comments that it would make a great series, either with other couples, or even seeing Izzy and her family grow. I would like to see a sequel with Izzy specifically, as I think she was starting to have an effect on Grayson, and his attitudes swayed as she introduced more Earthly customs. After all if they are truly to be a blended family, then it should involved both their customs.

Props to the story though, I did enjoy it and would recommend it to those who enjoy a the DD scenarios. potential

★★★★★ Katherine D. Carter @ “I Loved this read”, September 12, 2014
I was really surprised at how much I Loved reading this book. Can’t wait for another one. If you like good spanking books you will love this one!

★★★★★ Naomi Newton @ “It had just enough DD and good development. ☺”, September 11, 2014
Please write more if this is a series. It had just enough DD and good development. ☺

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