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Commanding Casey by Nicolina Martin

On my turf, I make the rules.

The moment she arrived in Alaska I knew Casey Keagan would soon be in need of a firm hand applied to her bare bottom, and it didn’t take long for me to decide that hand should be mine.

A whole crew of roughnecks work at this site, but no other man will be allowed to touch her.

She belongs to me, and when I’m done ravaging her beautiful body she’ll be in no doubt of that.





Publisher’s Note: Commanding Casey includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Nicolina Martin

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 68,500 words


I grab my phone, rush through the hallway and come to a stop outside his curtain, waiting breathlessly, staring at the clock, the seconds ticking away endlessly slowly. At 4:30 sharp I put the phone on the counter, push the curtain aside and enter. His room is dark and silent. My butt vividly reminds me not to speak, so I put my hand on his shoulder and give him a slight shake.

He turns toward me. “Good girl.” His voice is unused, husky, and it sends a shiver through me.

Shuffling backward, he lifts his comforter and pats the mattress next to him. “Come.”

I’m stunned. But he won’t have to tell me twice. I sneak in next to him and he tucks the cover around me, pulling me to him, my face to his chest, his chin on my head.

“You have permission to speak.”

I decide to use it wisely. I revel in this unexpectedly sweet moment. “Good morning.”

“You did good today. Keep it up and I will reward you.”

My heart shoots to my throat and a wave of heat washes over me. “How?” I breathe.

He pulls me even closer. Every patch of my skin that is in contact with his tingles. His cock grows, pushing against my belly. I pray a reward means that he’ll use it, because by God, I want him inside me. I’m only a woman. I’m young. I have hormones shooting out of my ears. His hand caresses its way down along my back, past my ass. I wince and tense up. It still stings. Cole chuckles.

“I’ll let you rest today. At least that part.” His hand dips in between my ass cheeks, a finger pushing at my tight rear hole, making me jerk. “No one’s been here?” he asks.

I swallow and shake my head. “No.”

He strokes back and forth, closer and closer to my weeping pussy, swollen, eager for his touch.

“Oh, fuck, Casey,” he moans as he parts my lips, finds my slit. “You’re so wet.”

I buck against him and answer with a mewl. It’s all I can do. “Please,” I rasp. “I want you in me.”

“Oh, I know,” he says and pushes his fingers inside, sliding with ease, thrusting in and out.

I throw my arm around his chest and hold on for all I’m worth as he teases me closer and closer to my release: in, out, circle my clit, push inside again. I tense up, so close. Then he pulls out and holds up his hand before my face, his finger glistening wet.

“Lick me clean.”

“You’re so cruel,” I gasp.

“You are not allowed to come.”

I clench my pussy, try to find that feeling again, that tightening of my inner walls. “I don’t know if I can stop it.”

“I’ll spank your ass the whole weekend if you disobey me.”

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