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Compelled Obedience: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Piper Stone

He’s everything I hate… and everything I need.

Grant Wilde is as arrogant as he is rich and powerful, and if I didn’t need his help so desperately I’d tell him exactly where he ought to shove his money, his exclusive club, and his cocky smirk.

But I do need his help, and it will come at a price…







Publisher’s Note: Compelled Obedience is the third book in the Carnal Sins series but can be read as a standalone. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 93,500 words


“You can’t do this.”

“Oh, yes, I can. You’ll learn that I am a man of my word.” When he snagged my thong with his fingers, I was grateful that I’d at least selected a sexy purple pair, my one act of defiance in an otherwise horrid wardrobe selection.

“No! I won’t allow it.”

“You have no choice. I laid out the rules and you chose to ignore them.”

His words added a level of excitement I hadn’t known existed. I was torn between wicked desire and raging anger, but so incensed that he was humiliating me that I gasped for air. Now my panties were strangling my knees, my naked bottom in plain view.

He didn’t waste any time, bringing his huge palm down against my bottom. The cracking sound made me jump, the brush of intoxicating pain like nothing I’d ever felt before. When he brought his hand down three more times, it finally settled into my brain what he was doing.

And I was furious.


Thinking of ways to rip out his eyeballs and feed them to the birds or maybe crush his fingers in a door. Both horrible things but no one had ever done anything like this to me. Panting, I struggled, flailing my arms, driving one behind me to try to cover my bottom. When I almost slipped off his lap, he grumbled under his breath and grabbed my wrist, pinning it against my back.

“Nope. You’re going to take this like a good girl, or I’ll need to start over. If I’m forced to do that, then I’ll take the time to pull off my belt. Is that understood?”

“I hate you.” My God, what was I, twelve? I hated him? I was an educated woman, and I couldn’t think of anything better to say to the man? What was wrong with me?

He issued four smacks that brought blinding pain, several shocking jolts electrifying my system and my eyes watered.

His chuckle was dark. “You also need to learn respect.”

Respect? Was he actually kidding me? I could have no respect for the man. Not even a little bit. He was obviously enjoying what he was doing. The way he brought his hand down in methodical motions, one strike coming immediately after the other heightening my senses.

Panting, I couldn’t stop wiggling, seconds later realizing his cock was rock hard. Sweet Jesus. The man was getting off on this. What about his girlfriend? I was sick to my stomach that amidst the agony, I was turned on, so much so I was certain I’d leave a stain on his jeans. I could feel the heat building on my buttocks at the same rapid rate as across my jaw, climbing both cheeks. I would never be able to look the man in the eyes again.

After a couple of minutes, I stopped fighting him. It was no use. I lost count of how many strikes he issued, but I knew one thing for certain.

I was wet, my pussy clenching several times. That sent another wave of embarrassment. I couldn’t breathe, my mind a foggy blur of indecent thoughts that were totally inappropriate but hot as Hades.

Every crack of his hand sent a jarring sound into my ears, my moans becoming deeper. Did he know how aroused I’d become?