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Congratulations to A Husband’s Duty

Congratulations to A Husband’s Duty and to Dinah McLeod! On her first novel published with us at Stormy Night, Dinah’s book shot to Amazon’s Erotica Top 100 List and was on there earlier today! We’re so happy to have seen this novel at the top of the charts, and we suggest everyone go out and buy a copy!

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A Husband's Duty by Dinah McLeod Accomplishment Detailed

Read what people are saying about A Husband’s Duty so far!

★★★★ (Han van Meegeren) @ “A Delightful Read”

Each new book of Dinah McLeod is better than the one before. It really is. This book is about two sisters. With a past that kept them apart. It takes a natural born storyteller like Dinah McLeod to make us feel the palpable tension between them and the way their man react to that. It is probably Dinah McLeods hottest book ever, and those of you who spend a lot of money on shoes: be warned of the consequences! If you wonder what Domestic Discipline is all about, please read A Husbands Duty.

★★★★ (SH) @ “Fun Read”

I enjoyed reading this book as it was written first person alternating between the two sisters, Beth and Jess. It gave some insight to their characters and a different perspective to the long ongoing estrangement they had from each other. The men in their lives were supportive but obviously wanted them to make amends. Jess and Jon practiced DD in their marriage and as the story moved along Beth and Zach ended up incorporating it into their relationship and then their marriage as well. Well written story with some great emotion between the sisters.

★★★★ (Jade Snow) @ “A Husband’s Duty”

A great story about two sisters who couldn’t seem to overcome their past arguments and how their men helped them mend their ways as well as their relationship.

★★★★ (Casey McKay) @ “Realistic Characters”

A Husband’s Duty centers around two sisters, Jessica and Beth. They used to be close growing up, but have had a falling out and hardly speak to each other anymore. The story gives you a glimpse inside the marriage of Jessica and her husband Jonathon, as well as the relationship between Beth and her fiance Zach.

I liked that the book delved into the conflict between the two sisters and how it also affected the relationships between them and their significant others. Jessica will not tell Jonathon why she is no longer speaking to her sister, brushing it off as something that happened so far in the past that she doesn’t wish to address it. This causes a rift between them and tension in their marriage, especially when Jonathon invites Beth and Zach for dinner.

I thought the book was really well written with likable and believable characters. The author did a good job of demonstrating the love each sister had for the man in her life, she also portrayed the hurt and the anguish between the sisters very realistically. At first, when you find out what caused the initial tension between Jessica and Beth it seems silly, but then you realize it has more to do with the way they have treated each other over the years than this one isolated incident.

And of course this is a spanking romance, so mixed in with the sister anguish and lover’s quarrels is some good spanking action. Jessica and Jonathon are practicing Domestic Discipline in their marriage and Beth and Zach are toying with the idea of introducing it into their relationship after learning about what it is. I thought the author wrote the character’s perspectives on DD in an honest way.

I give A Husband’s Duty four stars. It’s a light, quick read with some interesting characters.

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