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Conquering His Mate by Claire Conrad

Though he was born a prince, distaste for his father’s warmongering drove Hunter to abandon his birthright. Finding a mate has been the least of his concerns, but when his investigation of his sister’s disappearance brings him into contact with one of the most renowned warriors of the Zatari, a woman as fierce as she is beautiful, Hunter knows instantly that she is destined to belong to him. Taming her will not be easy, but he will enjoy every moment of it…

After her closest friend was taken captive and Mira set out to track her down and bring her home, the last thing she expected was to be claimed as a mate by not just any man, but a Delti prince on a mission of his own. Yet from the moment Mira sets eyes on Hunter, she cannot help longing for him to strip her bare, spank her until she submits, and then teach her to surrender completely to a warrior’s hard, dominant lovemaking. But even if he can master her body, will this enemy of her people truly be able to conquer Mira’s heart?

Publisher’s Note: Conquering His Mate is the second book of the Mates of Zatari series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Claire Conrad

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 30,500 Words


“I’m going to strip off all your clothes, mate.” He lowered his lips to mine and spoke against them, his soft voice so gentle, so soft it seeped into my body like heat from the sun. “And then I’m going to put you over my knee and spank your naked bottom until you cry and scream and beg me to stop.”

I was panting now, needing this. Needing him.

“I don’t cry.”

He kissed me, his hand squeezing my ass as I moaned into his mouth. “You will today.”

Nothing that was happening made any sense. I was strong. I’d always been strong, born to lead. I’d been fighting and training with weapons since I was old enough to hold a stick. But this?

Something was wrong with me. I shouldn’t melt at the strength of the hand at my throat. My pussy shouldn’t clench with need when he tugged on my hair and held me still for his kiss. And I shouldn’t have been fighting the urge to squirm as his hand rubbed my bottom like he was petting a precious pet, a treasure.

Our gazes locked and he shifted. His hands moved to my waist, lifting me into the air.

I fought him, I kicked and hit him, pulled his hair. But it was no use. Nothing fazed him. Unless I wanted to truly hurt him—which I was shocked to discover, I did not—I was helpless.

He overpowered me easily, like I was little more than a child, and I realized how much he’d been holding back before. For me.

I’d only thought I was holding my own, fighting the scum on this base. The whole time he’d been holding back, letting me take the lead, humoring me?

The thought made me burn with shame, with rage. I was not weak. I was not a child to be punished. I redoubled my efforts, further enraged when I struggled for breath and he looked as if he could have been taking a nap.

“You’re an ass.”

“That insult will earn you five extra swats.”

“Fine.” I would not show weakness or fear. And since I didn’t want to gouge his eyes out or go for his jugular, and I did want his cock inside me later, I was stuck.

Before I could gather my wits and decide what to say next, I was face down over his knees, my hair a waterfall of gold draping around me like a cocoon all the way to the floor. “You really think this is going to do any good? Spanking me like a child?”

“You tried to poison me, mate.” His hand caressed my ass through my pants, the touch so hot I stopped kicking, stopped fighting. His touch calmed me as if I were a pet eager for attention. “I’m going to bare your bottom, mate, and spank it a fiery red.”

“I’m not your mate.” I squirmed, but his hand gathered the loose waist of my pants and pulled them down and off so quickly I froze in shock. The air hit my heated flesh and the wet lips of my pussy like a cool breeze and I realized just how open I was like this, how exposed. I tried to roll off of his lap, but his hand came down on the small of my back and prevented my escape. My breasts hung heavy, the nipples tightening into hard peaks as his other hand stroked the backs of my thighs like he was studying my form. Learning me.

It was erotic, and dangerous, and I should have hated him. My mind raged, but my body ached for his touch, the sharp sting of his hand on my tender flesh. I was at war with myself. Confused.

“You are my Fated Mate, Mira. If you lie to me, try to hurt me, or place yourself in danger, you will be punished.”

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