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Conquering Kiera by Elli Everson

Conquering KieraGetting lost in the woods of upstate New York in the pouring rain is bad enough, but when her car ends up stuck in the mud Kiera’s trip to her best friend’s wedding is truly ruined. To make matters worse, with her nerves frayed and her adrenaline pumping she mistakes an offer of help from a man walking down the road for something nefarious and reacts foolishly.

Magnus likes his peace and solitude, but he isn’t going to leave a woman out alone in the middle of nowhere in a dangerous storm. When Kiera doesn’t listen to reason and instead tries to fight him off, he puts the little hellcat over his knee for a painful, embarrassing spanking. To Magnus’ surprise, his punishing hand leaves Kiera burning with desire, and at his cabin later that evening he takes her in his arms and gives her exactly what she needs.

With the storm continuing to rage, Kiera is forced to wait it out at the home of this dominant man whose mere presence makes her quiver with desire. Before long she finds herself aching to surrender completely to his masterful touch, and though she knows it is reckless she cannot help dreaming of a future at his side. But when a woman from Magnus’ past seeks to scare Kiera away, will Magnus chase her down and do what he must to conquer her fears and her heart?

Publisher’s Note: Conquering Kiera includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Elli Everson

eBook Price: $2.99

Length: 31,500 Words


“I have nothing to say, sir,” she replied meekly, secretly wishing she had kept control of her temper and her errant knee.

“Nothing, you say? Hmm, maybe this will loosen your lips,” he said, laying a barrage of swats across her tight jeans.

“Ow, ouch, oww, please stop, Magnus, what do you want me to say?” She changed her tune from indignant to one of a begging schoolgirl trying to get out of a whipping she knew was coming, and knew she deserved.

“How about ‘I’m sorry for kneeing you in the balls, Magnus’ for a start!” He peppered her ass with a volley of hard swats that made even his tough-as-leather hand sting. “Or ‘I’m sorry for throwing heavy objects at your head and tripping you with a rack’? For running out into the dark to get lost in the woods? How about scaring the hell out of me when I thought you’d been kidnapped? Or hitting and kicking me in the backyard at the Lancaster ranch? Those would all be good places to start, but at this point it doesn’t matter anyway, your buns are going to pay dearly for your childish behavior,” he told her as he spanked her, loving her in this position.

“Okay, I’m sorry for that, Magnus, truly I am! Please don’t spank me anymore, please, it hurts so much.” She was disgusted with herself for begging so early into the punishment, but she had no choice, the pain he inflicted on her delicate backside was unbearable. “Please, I’m sorry, no more, please. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do, just no more spanking, please, ouch!”

“The night is still young, little one, we have lots to discuss. I haven’t even made it to bare cheeks yet or tried out the paddle on your virgin backside.” He looked forward to that with great fondness as the picture formed in his head: her bent over the bed, red cheeks glowing up at him like a beacon of her transgressions.

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