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Conquering Sabrina by Arabella Kingsley

Conquering Sabrina by Arabella Kingsley (Post 200x300)Sabrina has built a new life for herself as a respected historian in the ten years since she woke up in a London hospital badly beaten and with no memory of her identity or her past. When her work takes her to the historic French chateau of a wealthy, powerful man by the name of Raoul Valoire, however, her new life begins to unravel without warning.

It starts with dreams—or are they memories—of a life with Raoul. But these dreams don’t show any life that the proud, independent Sabrina would ever have imagined for herself. They reveal a young woman deeply in love, but they also reveal a husband willing to strip his feisty wife naked and spank her. Worse, they show a wife who, as much as she may fight it at first, ultimately submits to her husband’s firm discipline and fierce lovemaking.

In spite of the dreams, most of Sabrina’s memories still fail to return, even after Raoul informs her that she was indeed his wife until she disappeared ten years ago, and tells her that he has searched for her and longed for her return every day since. Confused and in need of space, Sabrina prepares to flee the chateau, but Raoul makes it clear in no uncertain terms that he will not lose her again, even if that means using his power and connections, and if necessary his firm hand applied to her bare bottom, to keep her by his side.

Even as she fights against his control over her, Sabrina feels something kindling inside her again, and her fury at Raoul is mixed with a burning desire to be his once more. Soon, though, memories of her kidnapping ten years ago begin to resurface, and the shadow of the past threatens to consume them both. It will take more than the dying embers of romance to keep Sabrina and Raoul from being torn apart again—it will take the rebirth of a fiery and passionate love.

Publisher’s Note: Conquering Sabrina is an erotic novel that includes spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, graphic sexual scenes including lesbian play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Arabella Kingsley

Word Count: 50,500 words

eBook Price: $4.95


The man sternly informed Sabrina she would spend the weekend naked locked in the west tower of the house and for most of it over his knee receiving some much-needed discipline. She remembered the way she had desperately tried to cover her nakedness, cupping her pert pink breasts and crossing her legs as she watched the maid neatly fold her underwear and leave the room without one perturbed look upon her face. Sabrina had received the feeling this wasn’t the first occasion she had been given such an intimate duty.

Another older maid joined them on the landing and led the way to a large wooden door in the corner. The man stopped and waited patiently as she took out a set of keys and opened the door to reveal another set of enclosed dark winding stone stairs. Sabrina struggled over his arm, but he hushed her with another fervent slap.

Undaunted, the older woman moved ahead up the stairs. Slowly they followed. They appeared to go on forever. At the top of the stairs there was another door. The woman opened it and entered. The room was dark, but it became softly illuminated when the woman turned on two of the wall lights. A large four-poster draped in white silk formed the centre piece of the room. The man turned to close the door and Sabrina was able to view the woman pulling out the pillows of the bed. She stacked four of them at the nearest end of the bed and held them there, waiting for direction from her employer.

Sabrina heard the man murmur his approval and approach the bed. She found herself being lowered down and placed over the pillows, facing the wall. Her buttocks were raised high and proud for all to view. She had been prepared for him, for his punishment. The man dismissed the maid. She heard him remove his suit jacket, loosen his belt buckle, then quickly slide his belt from the loops of his black trousers. Her heart began to pound nervously, but she did not dare move. She was too afraid to incur his wrath again by moving and a part of her was intrigued and curious. He had never been this way with her before. Perhaps this was elaborate foreplay. He wouldn’t really beat her bottom. But the sound of leather cutting the air and striking the pale delicate skin of her bare bottom sent her shrieking with surprise.

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