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Conquering the Queen by Ava Sinclair

Conquering the Queen When she was still a carefree, lovestruck princess, Avin of Windbourne would have happily surrendered herself to Lord Xander of Ravenscroft, the bold, handsome warrior who was to have been her husband. But now, as a queen defeated in battle and forsaken by her people, Avin is determined to remain defiant even as Xander usurps her throne.

Leading a rebellion against the woman he had hoped would be his bride was the last thing Xander wanted, but her father’s murderous betrayal of his closest allies left no other choice. Yet though Xander does his best to convince himself that Avin shared in the responsibility for her father’s actions, he can’t help wondering if she was merely a pawn in a treacherous game.

Determined to win Avin’s submission, Xander sets out to master her body completely, and soon enough she has been stripped bare, soundly spanked, and made to kneel at his feet and eat from his hand. But even though her arousal at such shameful treatment cannot be denied, she is far too proud to yield to his dominance without a fight. Can Xander find a way to conquer the beautiful, feisty queen and claim her heart before his own father’s scheming tears the kingdom apart?

Publisher’s Note: Conquering the Queen includes sexual scenes and spankings. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ava Sinclair

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 35,800 Words


“Queens give orders. Slaves take them.” He paused. “Apologize for biting your king.”


She felt him lean forward.

“Apologize,” he said again.

He’d made her kneel in the throne room, but she was determined she would not apologize. Then she felt it—the blindingly hot streak of pain impacting the lower portion of her bottom.

“Owww!” She’d not meant to scream and looked back to see what he’d struck her with. His arm was raised, and she could see he’d used his own shoe, the wide leather sole as hard and broad as any strap.

“Apologize to your king.”

She was writhing on his lap. “Let me go!”

He brought the slipper down again. And again. And again. The sounds of the leather cracking against her skin reported off the stone walls, and in spite of herself, Avin heard them joined by the sound of her own wailing. And somewhere above it all, the king’s stern command.

“Apologize. Beg your king’s forgiveness.”

With each blow, her bottom grew more tender. This was, she knew, a spanking designed to break her. But she resisted, absorbing the pain that triggered the memory of past correction by the same hand—sweet correction that had ended with gentle rubs until his fingers slipped lower into her wet, throbbing pussy.

There were no such rubs today, but her pussy still clenched with little spasms of forbidden pleasure. But from what? His domination? Or from the heady thrill of seeing how strong she was in the face of it? She knew the answer, of course, and as Xander spanked her white bottom to a deep red, she found herself filled with fury—not at him, but at her own weakness. Her body remembered what it was like to be overwhelmed, and even if her heart was closed to him, at her physical core she still craved her former lover’s dominance. Avin clenched her fists, digging her nails into her palms, seeking to focus on that pain instead of the sweet agony building between her legs as his hand finally came to rest on her throbbing mounds of flesh.

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