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Conquering Their Maiden By Demi Lane

She is not just theirs to share. She is theirs to breed.

As the daughter of an elder, Daya never expected to be given as tribute to the Kavari who protect her people… that is until she was stripped bare to be examined by the huge, handsome warriors.

Her defiance during their intimate inspection earns her a humiliating spanking, and an even more shameful climax with her bottom still burning soon follows, but that is only the smallest taste of what she knows is in store for her when her new mates decide it is time to claim and share her.

These fearsomely sexy brutes plan to breed her, yet as she is carried back to their village naked after she ran away it isn’t the thought of what they’re going to do to her that leaves her blushing…

It’s the fact that her body begs to be conquered.

Publisher’s Note: Conquering Their Maiden is a stand-alone novel which is the second entry in the Kavari Masters series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Demi Lane

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 74,000 words


“This should help keep you quiet, Sunshine,” he murmured softly, pumping his hips into my face as I greedily, wantonly, licked and sucked at his smooth, hard length. Pre-cum leaked from his tip onto my tongue, and I shivered. He tasted as good as I remembered.

Kael moaned, holding my head as I sucked and he thrust, licking the tip of his cock. I was parched, and he was the only thing that could sate my thirst. Draven continued to pump his fingers hard, and I heard Gaige murmur appreciatively from beside him.

“Is she ready?” Gaige asked. “Dripping?”

“Almost,” Draven murmured.

“Good. I’m going to get her something to keep that cute little ass full. You should have a taste of her, Draven. Our Sunshine tastes like her name.”

“I bet she does,” I heard Draven murmur, then his fingers slid out of me and he pulled me off Kael’s cock. They rolled me to my back, and Kael straddled my chest, moaning as he slid his cock between my breasts and kneaded them with his large hands, holding them close together as he thrust between them. Draven hummed, then moved down my body, hands holding my thighs apart. His warm breath tickled the inside of my thighs, cooling my overheated pussy for a moment before his tongue licked up the seam of my body.

“Oh, gods. Pl—”

Kael’s hand clapped over my mouth, his one hand holding my breasts as he continued to thrust. “I think we may need that gag again,” he said, smiling down at me as my chest heaved, my back arched, and I continued to moan behind his hand. “Daya, Sunshine. Does that feel so good? Draven licking your little cunt?”

I couldn’t respond, so lost I was to the warm wetness of Draven’s tongue licking over me, sliding inside me as his nose rubbed my clit. He ate me like a man starved. A man who intended to conquer every part of me. Pressure surged between my legs, the orgasm building as he sucked my clit and slid two fingers back inside me, curling the digits until my thighs shook and my back bowed off the mattress. My eyes opened wide to see Kael grinning down at me, plucking at my nipples with one hand as pleasure exploded and I burst open like a firecracker.

I screamed into his palm, unable to keep quiet. I was in ecstasy. Overheated lightning shot up through my chest and down each one of my legs, making every muscle tense. My nipples were hard pebbles for Kael to play with, and for a split second I worried I might drown Draven with how wet I was. There was a slick, pulsing noise echoing throughout the room as my body practically sucked his pumping digits inside it. The orgasm began to fade, but it was so intense that when Draven pulled away and spread my cheeks, I felt only a slight sense of pressure as something smooth and angled slid between my cheeks. My body tensed as it slipped inside, stretching me so much more than Draven’s thumb had. Gaige pushed it in deep until a flat base rested against my puckered hole.

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