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Controlled: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

I knew one taste of her would never be enough. So I made her mine.

As the head of the most powerful mafia family in Chicago, I can buy anything I want. But this beautiful ballerina whose innocence soothes the savage beast within me isn’t for sale.

She’ll still be mine.

Helpless and vulnerable, my sweetest possession will dance over my knee as I paint her bare ass a delicious shade of pink, then writhe and moan and beg as she comes for me again and again.

I could break her easily, but she’s too perfect to break.

So I’ll just bend her to my will instead.


Publisher’s Note: Controlled is the second book in the Cruel Kings series but can be read as a standalone. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 98,400 words


“Do you know what I plan on doing to you?” he asked, his voice to the point I could barely recognize it.

“Tell me.”

“Are you certain you want to know?” When he wrapped both my wrists with his long fingers on one hand, I immediately struggled, fighting him playfully.


“First I’m going to fuck that tight pussy of yours until you scream out my name.” He hesitated, sliding the tip of his pinky down the bridge of my nose, encircling my lips before finishing. “After that I’m going to take my time filling your dark hole with my seed. After that, I’m going to plug you with a toy and you’ll be required to wear it until I tell you otherwise.”

I wasn’t expecting that, my nervous laugh my only admittance.

“And that’s just the beginning,” he continued. He shifted again between my legs and lowered his head, barely brushing his lips across mine. I was pulled into the same sweet vacuum as before, moaning into the kiss as he slipped his hand down my stomach.

When I felt the tip of his cock being pressed against my pussy lips, I issued a loud whimper that he captured with his mouth. The man masterful, he thrust his cock into my tight channel at the same time he plunged his tongue into my mouth.

I immediately arched my back, throwing my legs around his hips. As my muscles tried to expand, the feel of his throbbing shaft electrified my senses. I was crazed with hunger, my mind spinning with the promise he’d made about how he was going to fuck me. It was funny how enticing the words were, a forbidden temptation I should resist. But how could I?

He already knew my body so well, grinding his hips until he was fully seated inside, pulling out only to do it all over again.

I wiggled underneath him, trying to dominate his tongue but it was no use. The man had full control over my body, which was exactly what he wanted. As he started pumping in scheduled rhythm, intense vibrations coursed through me. I was caught in a wave of pleasure so incredible that I couldn’t breathe. Or maybe it was because of the crazed kiss and the way he was deep throating me with his tongue.

He was so dominating, yet on this night, he was rough yet gentle at the same time. I squeezed my knees against him, struggling to meet every brutal thrust, still trying to free my hands for no other reason than to be able to touch him.

To stroke the scars on his back.

There was such a dominating look on his face, an unbridled need to fuck and fill me that I was breathless, every inch of my body tingling. As he continued pumping deep inside, filling my core with explosive heat, I matched every thrust.

His hold on my wrists was strong, pushing my arms into the bed just as he was doing to my body. The moment of pure ecstasy was right around the corner, every growl he made pushing me into the sweetest abyss.

“Come for me, perfect dancer. Come. Call out my name in rapture.”