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Craving Her Medicine by Adaline Raine

He doesn’t make her call him Daddy. He makes her ache to call him Daddy.

When she was invited to join her friends for a week at a lakehouse, Becca Pierce didn’t expect to end up baring her soul—and her bottom—for a handsome doctor, let alone one she’d call daddy.

Jaxon Gray is a workaholic who wasn’t looking for romance, but whether Becca is over his knee for a spanking, blushing crimson on the exam table, or screaming as she climaxes for him, it doesn’t take long for him to be absolutely certain that she is something very, very special.

Now all he has to do is convince her that he doesn’t just want her as his little girl for a week.

He wants her forever.

Publisher’s Note: Craving Her Medicine is a stand-alone novel which is the second book in the Doctor Daddies series. It includes sexual scenes, spankings, and elements of age play and medical play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Adaline Raine

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 46,000 words


Still wearing the collar that Jaxon affixed around my neck, I was curled up under blankets while thinking about him. It was two in the morning, and though I desperately wanted to go to sleep, my brain wouldn’t shut off. Deciding it would be better to join him in his room, I left the warm bed and padded to the door. Twirling open the knob, I gasped.

Jax stood there leaning against the doorjamb, his silhouette barely visible in the moonlight from the window. His hand was raised as if he were about to knock. “Hey, pixie.”

“Hey, yourself.” I stood in the darkness gathering the courage that seemed out of reach with him standing there. “I, uh, was on my way to tell you that I couldn’t find my bed and ask if I could sleep in yours.”

“Do you want me to go back to bed so you can?”

“No, Sir.”

Jaxon kissed me then, sliding his tongue between my lips, claiming me like I was the very air he needed to breathe. I moaned into his mouth, loving the way he tasted.

“Get on the mattress.”

“Yes, Sir.” I answered without thinking and stepped back to allow him to come in. He shut the door behind him. As I flipped on the light on one of the nightstands, I noticed a bottle of lube in his hand along with a few condoms and something else, a lone glove perhaps.

“Take off your clothes.”

Getting on my back, I disrobed as he approached. Jaxon donned a glove before squirting lube onto his pointer and middle finger. Thinking about his thick cock in my most private hole turned me on in theory but knowing it was about to happen left me breathless. “You don’t have to take me there.”

“I’m going to give you what you were begging for this afternoon.” He inserted his digits, slowly turning them, allowing my body to stretch. I moaned as he wiggled them in and out a few times, a new pleasure igniting deep inside of me. I wanted to feel his cock, but his fingers felt so good.

“Oh, Sir. Please keep doing that.

Jax continued teasing me for a little longer before withdrawing his fingers and snapping off the glove. I whined, unable to stay quiet.

“Just wait until I fill you with something bigger, baby.”