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Cuffed and Claimed by Missy McKay

Melanie Martin was less than excited about returning to her hometown for her best friend’s wedding even before she was pulled over for speeding, but when the ruggedly handsome officer who just put her in handcuffs bends Melanie over the hood of his squad car and spanks her until she is sore and sorry, his bold dominance leaves her heart racing and her panties soaked.

Kai Michaels did not expect to meet the girl of his dreams during a traffic stop, but Melanie’s response to his stern correction is undeniable, and it seems like fate is on his side when he discovers that she is the maid of honor at the same wedding where he is to be the best man.

Though at first she never thought she would see Kai again outside of her naughtiest fantasies, Melanie soon finds herself spending quite a bit of time both writhing in ecstasy in his arms and having her bare bottom thoroughly reddened over his knee. But as her beautiful body is mastered ever more completely, Melanie cannot help wondering if this is just a fling or something more. When the time comes to go back to her life in the city, will she be ready to leave Kai behind?

Publisher’s Note: Cuffed and Claimed includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Missy McKay

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 61,400 words


I make my way over to the couch like he asked on legs that aren’t quite solid. They feel as if they are made of Jell-O. The walk there feels like forever even though it’s only a few steps from the dining room. I feel his eyes on me waiting to see me do as he asked. He has patience, that’s for sure.

I get over to the couch and stand exactly as he asked. I go to kick off my heels. “No. Keep those on.” I take it he has a heel fetish. Good thing I love shoe shopping more than most things in life. I feel him move in behind me and run his hands through my hair before wrapping it around his hand and yanking my head back. The sting of him pulling my hair makes me quiver. He moves around in front of me while keeping the hold on my hair. His lips crash down on mine. It’s not a gentle kiss—it is as if he is searing my lips together with his. His tongue fights for control of my mouth and I open, letting him kiss me long and hard. I whimper when he finally pulls away. My lips feel bruised and puffy. He lets go of my hair, walks back behind me, and positions me to stand in front of the arm of the couch.

Just like last night, he runs his hands from my ankles over my knees and up the inside of my thighs, causing my dress to bunch up at my waist. I feel his palm against the small of my back and between my shoulders as he pushes me down over the arm of his couch. My belly is against the arm and my head is hung low on the couch. The smell of leather is comforting while I feel my breathing start to increase.

“Your ass is perfect.” He rubs his free hand over my panties and I can’t help but wiggle. He smacks my ass and I’m shocked by the fierceness of his blow. It’s definitely not a playful smack. I try to stand back up but he places one hand in the center of my back. “Tell me, sweet Melanie, why are you receiving this punishment?”

“Because I called you an asshole, Sir.”

“That’s right. Any other reasons?” He rubs his hand over my ass.

“I misbehaved last night when you were only trying to do your job.” A second smack comes down hard and I realize my error almost immediately, so I add, “Sir.”

“Good girl. So you’d say you’ve been naughty and deserve no less than ten swats?”

“Ten?” He’s got to be kidding. Another hard smack on my ass causes me to wince and reinforces how serious he is. I hope these count.

“Yes, ten bare ass smacks. You will count them out loud. If you miss one count, we start over. Do you understand, Melanie?”

“Yes, Sir. Count my smacks, Melanie.” I feel his fingers loop around my undies and pull them down to my ankles as his hands explore my legs. He taps on my foot to have me lift it and he pulls one side off. Then he twists several times and then taps the same ankle so I lift and he slides the now tight panty around my feet, securing them together. I feel my pussy grow wetter instantly. My heart starts to hammer with my nerves kicking up a notch. What the fuck am I doing?

“I’m a sadist, Melanie. I will make this hurt.” I shiver with fear at his serious tone and if the spankings he already gave me are warmups I’m in trouble, but my bravery wins out.

I look over my shoulder, unable to speak. He isn’t smiling. Now, I’m really scared. His hand raises and smacks across my right ass cheek, his other arm holding me down as I struggle to move. He waits for my count. It takes me a moment to breathe through the pain and tears poke through my eyes.

“One, Kai.” I whisper it. Another one immediately follows on the opposite cheek. “Two, Kai.” My skin is on fire, my lips quivering from the force of the whacks. He continues alternating between my cheeks as I count until we get to eight. “Eight, Kai.” I’m breathless and uncertain I can handle any more with my thoughts waging a war within me. It hurts, but with every swat my core gets more heated, hungrier for more.

“Good girl. We aren’t done yet.” He pulls his belt through the loops of his pants and I can feel the rush of the air as he pulls it free, cooling my skin slightly and sending goosebumps spreading over my body.

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  1. Wow this book kept me reading, great storyline, loved it! Exceptional, not used to finishing books usually I lose interest, but couldn’t put this one down till the end.I have it five stars….

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