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Daddies Take Control Corrals a Top 100 Spot

Kelly Dawson‘s latest release, Daddies Take Control, has made the Top 100 in Amazon’s Contemporary Romance category!

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★★★★★ Donna F @ “An Awesome Read!” on May 23, 2017
I loved reading Daddies Take Control, all about Jennifer McLeod who is nineteen years old a Jockey and Luke & Cody Lewis from the Lewis Racing Stables & Farm. Jennifer has just found out that the side business she has been running has gotten her into hot-water with the law! She now no longer has a place to live a job or any money and is possible facing jail time, and she’s outside the track crying her eyes out. Because with no money she can no longer pay for her disabled brother at the community he lives in at Renwick Park. This facility is so expensive it took all her pay at the racing stable she worked at, all her jockey winnings and all the money she made selling weed! Now with the threat that she is going to jail she’s at her wits end, so when she see’s Luke drop his wallet in his truck, and then go into the bar, she jumps up opens the truck door, grabs the wallet and starts running! And hot on her tail is Cody & Luke, when they catch her she drops like a stone and returns the wallet. Then she reluctantly tells them her tale, and they offer to be her Daddies if she turns over complete control to them, she has no choice so she says yes! The author wrote an amazing story that will keep you turning the page until the very end! I loved reading it and am looking forward,to reading more stories by this author!

★★★★★ Redrabbit @ “YOU NEED TO TRUST US—TRUST AND OBEY” on May 22, 2017
While this story is a standalone, it is also a continuation to Daddy Takes the Reins, and involves the Lewis Family ranch, and men. We all have made a bad decision before, and it may have varied on the negative outcome. For Jen McLeod, her world is coming apart at the seams, and she isn’t the only one who will suffer, so will her twin, Bobby, and his medical care.

Jen McLeod lost her parents when she was young, and then placed in the care of their grandparents, but now they are gone, and Jen is all that Bobby has left, and it is up to her to provide him with a good facility and medical care. Unfortunately, growing and selling marijuana is a crime, and she has been caught, fired, and now facing criminal charges.

Luke and Cody Lewis are ready to return from the races with their trailer when Cody catches Jen stealing Luke’s wallet from the truck. Luke and Cody will give her the option of turning her over to the police, or she can submit to their punishment, which she agrees to.

The plot has Jen, a girl down on her luck, and in serious trouble, accepting punishment and help from Luke and Cody. She submits to their punishment, and they agree to take her back to the family ranch. Word is out about Jen and her dealing pot, and she will receive a very cold shoulder from many people, including Clay Lewis. Bianca is more forgiving and understanding, having also had personal demons to fight, and she understands being a little to a daddy.

With what life has thrown at Jen, she has missed out on strong parental guidance, and Luke and Cody want to take her as their little girl and be daddies to her. They offer her their strength, power, and authority, issuing plenty of discipline and affection. Jen takes to an injured horse named Sam and fights hard to save him from being euthanized from his injuries. They are both wounded souls that have a connection to each other. With the endurance helping Sam heal, and the love and strict dominance of her two daddies, Jen eventually will learn that they want her for the duration, and not just while she is under court-ordered house arrest. “You’ve done a good thing; you rescued a damsel in distress.” The story has plenty of punishments, including some that are creative, along with explicit sex scenes including a menage scene.

★★★★★ D Browning “Great Read!” on May 25, 2017
This book is a delightful age play domestic discipline romance. The plot introduces us to Jennifer McLeod who makes life changing decisions to provide for her disabled brother Bobby. Sadly growing and selling marijuana is a crime and the consequences of her actions have her fired from her job as a jockey and facing legal charges.

Luke and Cody Lewis offer her a deal which will take care of all of her legal problems and provide care for her disabled brother. The only catch is these dominant Daddies want Jennifer to be their submissive little girl.

This story has plenty of ménage sex scenes,strict discipline, age play and a sweet romance.

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