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Daddy Morebucks Should Be Called Daddy Moresales!

We couldn’t help ourselves with the word-play–sorry folks! But let’s face it, Daddy Morebucks is tearing up the charts on We’re so proud of Normandie for this great success! Her newest hit is sitting on the Top 100 in Erotica!

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★★★★★ (Felicity Nichols Reviews) @ “Daddy Morebucks”

Normandie Alleman is a new author I discovered through Stormy Night Publications. I read the description of her story and instantly wanted more. The main characters in this story are James LeBlanc and Marley.

Marley is an escort and comes upon James through his assistant, Milton Barnes. The escort Milton has originally planned to have meet James was sick so he hurried into the lobby hoping to find an escort quickly so he wouldn’t be in trouble for not delivering as James asked him to.

Marley has survived a rough past; a drunk mother and losing her brother Paul to the war in Afghanistan. Being submissive to James brings out all of her insecurities. It has been such a long time since she has been taken care and felt wanted. She struggles to accept being spoiled and treated like a princess.
James knew not to get attached after what happened with his last live in girlfriend, Karen. Karen was a spoiled brat who used him for his money and left him for someone else. He knows instantly that Marley isn’t one of his usual girls from Miss Jay. She was more relaxed, even vulnerable. She was eager to please, do as to

ld without hesitation.
I really enjoyed this story because it shows the true nature of a Daddy Dom/Sub relationship. It gives you a taste of age play without the extremes. Daddy Morebucks shows you what a Daddy Dom truly is; someone that can care for you endlessly but also punish you when you’ve broken the rules. Throughout this story, you are able to get both points of view. Normandie Alleman gives us smooth transitions from one character to the next. This story was well written and I look forward to reading more of her Daddy Morebucks series.

★★★★★ (SH) @ “Great Start To A New Series

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I absolutely adored Marley, her character had me laughing out loud at times and I just love that! This book has a well developed plot with great character depth, you can’t help but feel compassion for Marley’s difficulties or for James’ wariness based on prior relationships. The book is written to give you some perspective from each character without the slightest bit of confusion, which can happen as I have read some books before with that issue, but based on this author’s skill I did not have that problem. Great job and I eagerly await book two! I received this book from Stormy Night Publications as an Advanced Reader Copy.

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