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Daddy’s Girl Catches Fire on Amazon!

Normandie Allemantop100_poorlittledaddysgirl‘s latest installment in the Daddy’s Girl Series, Poor Little Daddy’s Girl, has claimed a spot on Amazon’s Top 100 list for BDSM Erotica and spent the majority of the week on Amazon’s Romantic Erotica Top 100 as well!  To top it off, the first two books in this series, Daddy Morebucks and Daddy’s Game, are currently staking out their own Top 100 spots in BDSM Erotica and Interracial Erotica, respectively.  Congratulations, Normandie!

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★★★★★  Joanne Jones “Jo” @ “Best One So Far!,” January 8, 2015
Right where do I begin apart from saying THANK YOU NORMANDIE!!! This book is her best so far and written so well.
So let me begin my review of this deliciously hot addictive read and I mean oh my god this is smoking hot that even I felt like fanning myself hehe
I’ve always said that Daddy’s Game by Normandie was my go to for a naughty read and that it was my favourite but Natron and Carmen…you gotta go!! Because there is a new couple in town and they are taking over everything!

In this book we have the very ‘oh god lord’ handsome Hunter, he is a firefighter we met in Daddy’s game and he is also the big gorgeous hero who saved Charmaine after she was a very careless naughty girl!! I will continue about Hunter but first can I just say that I think Hunter is the best Daddy so far!! Just putting that out there lol
This book had me at start to finish and it’s my favourite one now because these two made me laugh and made me blush but also made me weep.

Hunter firefighter with a taste for dominance in the bedroom, but never found someone who he could be his true self with but he is also kind and funny, he is someone you can trust and he would never lead you down the wrong path. Along with all of that is his mouth is like a sailor at sea hehe he is a very crude talking dirty man!!

Charmaine is a rich spoilt party girl who mainly loves to drink and do all the wrong things for herself but her love for her close friends is lovely to read, she cares so deeply for them and that is enough to call family but she is missing out on one thing and that is companionship!
I wasn’t a big fan of her in Daddy Morebucks but in this one I loved her, now I know what’s happened and reading her thoughts and feelings, I’ve seen her in a different light and I think she should get all the happiness in the world.

All in all, this is a great read for anyone who has all different kinks up their alley, Normandie done it again and wrote a brilliant book and one that will be my go to. I can’t wait to read more by her.

★★★★★  ND @ “*****5 Panty Melting Stars!*****,” January 8, 2015
*Author provided ARC in exchange for an honest review*
*****5 Panty Melting Stars!*****

Normandie contacted me to read this book because of the MC being called “kitten”.. she knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist that! She was right!

I snapped this book up and devoured it!

Charmaine is the spoiled, bratty, little rich girl, and Hunter is the level headed, hard working, middle class, (and oooh so sexy), fireman. They meet, when Charmaine sents her kitchen on fire due to neglect.

Hunter is not impressed with antics and her lackadaisical attitude about things. He sees that she is a woman that needs to be taken firmly in hand, and it’s his hand that he’d like to firmly take her in!

Charmaine is a little girl looking for a Daddy Dom. She likes to be the brat, whether it’s just her personality, her need for attention, or both, not even she is sure.

“She could manipulate most men into doing whatever she wanted. But Hunter was different. She respected Him too much to try to manipulate him, at least not very often.”

When Hunter and Charmaine come together, there are lessons for both of them to learn. But, can their relationship survive these lessons? Can Charmaine really be with someone without money? Someone that won’t stand for her brattiness? Can Hunter learn to not be judgemental about people with money? Can he tame the tiger that is Charmaine? But most importantly, can they both learn to love again after a past of heartache?

This book is well written and a page turner. And the sex is hot, Hot, HOT!

I don’t normally read Daddy/babygirl stories, but this is twice now that I’ve read them by Normandie Alleman. There isn’t a lot of age play, but you get the point that they are Daddy and babygirl without it. Ms. Alleman writes about the lifestyle, of which I’m a part, with respect and well researched stories.

Some of my favorite lines from this book:

“Yeah, you’re a tiger most of the time, but when I tame you, you turn in to the most adorable little kitten.”

And my favorite..

“Relax, Kitten. You know it will go easier if you do.”

Thank you, Normandie for allowing me to read for you again.

★★★★★  Samaris @ “All she knows in her life is that men let her down and her own mother doesn’t love her so how can she expect anyone else to,” January 8, 2015
Charmaine has been on a self-destructive path since her failed relationship with Preston. All she knows in her life is that men let her down and her own mother doesn’t love her so how can she expect anyone else to? A party girl and a socialite she feeds the media frenzy with her bad girl ways and guards her heart. When after a night of partying she sets her home on fire she is even more adrift than before. Hunter responds to the fire call at the condo and when he sees the lovely young lady who he rescues he is instantly entranced. Yet her attitude brings out a side of him that begs to tame her and shoe her how irresponsible she is. When he sees her again and finds out who she really is his mind tells him to steer clear but his body has other things in store. As they enter into a relationship It is fraught with all sorts of challenges. Having been burned once by a rich girl Hunter is on his guard. Can Hunter get past his past hurts and truly give himself and Charmaine a chance? Can Charmaine stop her party girl ways and allow Hunter in? Can these two put their differences aside and realize that they are exactly what the other needs before it is too late? A great story filled with love, loss, hurt, betrayal, understanding and sex that will leave you panting.

★★★★★  Dsaraceni @ “story of a young woman that was looking for love in all the wrong places,” January 9, 2015
This was a story of a young woman that was looking for love in all the wrong places. That is until she set her apartment on fire she finally had found what she was looking for. It just took her a while to admit it to herself. Charmaine was the ultimate rich party girl and always managed to find someone for sex. But all her life she was missing what it felt like to be loved and taken care of. Never getting that from her parents she always found she was looking in the wrong places. Once she was rescued by Hunter the firefighter they found there was a spark between them from the beginning. Hunter liked the BDSM lifestyle but never put himself out there for fear of scaring them off. Until he me Charmaine and found he couldn’t stop thinking about her. But he hasn’t had much luck with rich girls and was afraid things wouldn’t work out. He didn’t know if he could be her daddy or not. The author did a great job of telling their story. The sex was hot and steamy between them and just added that extra boost to the story. Great overall read and the best of the series so far……. highly recommend.

★★★★★  Susan Newman @ “I Loved This Book!!!,” January 12, 2015
As a fan of Normandie Alleman…her first two books in the Daddy series were hot hot hot!!! When I found out that her 3rd book dealt with the party girl, Charmaine…I was intrigued. Based on her character in the other 2 book, I thought WHO out there will be able to “tame” her? Enter Hunter Baldwin, the hunky firefighter with a BDSM edge….can he do it I thought? Well, I loved this book….I believe it is now my favorite in her series!!! I loved the BDSM scenes and how creative Hunter as “Daddy” was with Charmaine. They DID need each other!!! Charmaine needed Hunter to guide and train her. Her attitude definitely need ed an serious adjustment. The ending was so cool!!! I highly recommend this and her entire Daddy series, to those readers looking for cool characters and hot hot relationships.

★★★★★  Amy Bowens @ “Charmaine is my favorite leading lady!,” January 9, 2015
Charmaine is a spoiled young rich girl who has everything, except for someone to love her. Her whole life she is the wild one, partying, attention grabber, and trouble maker. After a night with the man she was seeing she goes home where by the end of the night her whole life will change. Hunter a smoking hot fireman is called to Charmaine’s place to put out a fire, but what he doesn’t realize that his life will also change after meeting her.

I loved the struggle of power exchange between the two. They have such great chemistry together and Charmaine is a character that grows on you one you will eventually end up loving. It was also nice to have previous characters from the other stories in this one. All in all another great story and I loved that Charmaine was original and fresh.

★★★★★  Melissa @ “couldn’t put it down,” January 15, 2015
charmain Bainbridge is a stuck up brat who thought only of her money and not those around her she was so drunk she cause her pent house to catch fire while she fell asleep Hunter is a a firefighter who responds to the fire at charmains pent house fire he sees a rich party girl who didn’t care for anyone else’s safety he asks her to walk down the stairs she throws a fit so what dose this dom do he spanks her and puts her in her place a few weeks later they run into each other at a bar where their adventure begins will he see past her fats to the women she is? Will charmain stop being selfish? Will hunter see that he is the right daddy dom for her? to find out I strongly suggest you read this book it is awesome 5 gold stars

★★★★★  Laurel @ “Smoking Hot Sexy read,” January 8, 2015
I loved the first two Daddy’s Girl series but this one is my new favorite one. I also like the fact that characters from the earlier books are in this book and some new ones which could show up if there is another book, hint, hint. Normandie delves into the characters with amazing insight of how they think and act. The book description gives a good overview so I won’t repeat but will say this book has everything including romance, danger, very hot explicit sex and spanking, a handsome sexy fireman and a pretty sweet but spoiled girl.

★★★★★  Hunter S. Jones @ “Smokin’ Hot,” January 9, 2015
Poor Little Daddy’s Girl by Normandie Alleman is a book I have been waiting for. I’m such a fan of this series. The first two books were great fun, but this one may be my favorite. Hunter was such an incredible hero, saving Charmaine, first from the fire, then from herself. He took my breath away. The BDSM in this book was a bit heavier than in the first two, but it suited the intensity of this couple. Now, I am looking forward to book four. Don’t make us wait too long, Normandie!

★★★★★   Willowtree @ “A fun and hot read,” January 11, 2015
What a fun read. As well as being smoking hot, this story has great characters, particularly Hunter Baldwin, who is one of the better firefighter dom characters I’ve read. The book is a great mix of danger, romance, hot sex, and fun. if you love erotic romance this is a must read.

★★★★★   Janet Anne @ “More to this book…,” January 10, 2015
Then meets the eye. I love this author! While many will say “I could never ” I say this book has a lot to do with garnishing nurturing appreciating and deserve being protected, being cared for…for trusting!! This is so much more about sex it’s about human needs and wants and yes desires!!

★★★★★   SH @ “Fantastic addition to the series!!,” January 9, 2015
I love this series and this is a wonderful addition although it does stand alone nicely! I was thrilled that Charmaine finally finds some much deserved happiness! Her journey with Hunter is full of twists and turns, bumps and ditches but the ride is so worth it. The plot is very detailed and the characters are written so well you can’t help having an emotional connection. It was great being able to visit with the other girls as well! I can’t wait for the next one!

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