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Daddy’s Rules by Kara Kelley

If I can’t live within a modest budget for a year, I lose it all. I’m going to need a daddy…

The terms of my movie-star father’s will are ridiculous, but I don’t want the world to watch me flounder and fail and I’m sure as hell not going to let my inheritance go to my cheating stepmom.

So I seek out a professional, a firm-handed man who knows how to take a spoiled girl in hand and teach her responsibility the old-fashioned way—with a strap applied to her bare bottom.

When my disciplinarian turns out to be a man I’ve had a crush on for years, however, the relationship doesn’t stay professional for long, and soon I’m calling him daddy as he takes me in his arms and gives me exactly what I need. But with my future on the line and two vengeful paparazzi threatening my reputation and even my life, can I learn to follow daddy’s rules?

Publisher’s Note: Daddy’s Rules includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Kara Kelley

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 56,600 words


She takes a sharp breath. “You want me naked?”

“I do. Naughty girls don’t deserve clothes either.” Her eyes round and her tongue darts out to wet her lips. I raise my brows at her and watch her throat work. She sets the coffee down on the counter and pulls the shirt off. My cock strains against my boxers, but I ignore it.

Pointing at her panties, I lift my brow. Her chest rises and falls a little faster and her cheeks brighten. “Hurry up now,” I say. She works her lip between her teeth and very slowly lowers the silky red panties.

When she’s completely bare, holding her panties and shirt in front of her, I hold out my hand. She hands me the clothes tentatively. I nod toward her coffee and the breakfast barstool.

“Sit,” I order. “Enjoy that while you can.” The pink on her cheeks deepens and the dark of her eyes dilates.

“Yes, Sir.”

Making scrambled eggs, I watch her squirm in her seat. Not knowing what I’m going to do to her seems to fill her with frisson and trepidation. The site of her flushed face and pouty lip is doing things to me I can’t control. I’m not sure which one of us is more tortured this morning.

When we’re finished eating, I nod toward the sink. “Clean up.” It’s a firm demand and she doesn’t hesitate. I pour myself another coffee and watch her, my eyes raking her body, loving the sway of her hips and the swing of her tits. I’m practically busting out of my shorts, not only from her bare body, but the submissiveness she’s showing.

I can’t resist. Going to her as she stands at the sink, I smooth her hair in my hand and twist it around my fist. Yanking her, not roughly but firmly against me, I whisper in her ear, “Stick your naughty ass out.” I feel her shiver against my chest. I help her by pulling her hips back.

“Today you’ll practice obedience, little one.” I swat her bare ass, hard, making her gasp and rise onto her toes. “Keep rinsing those dishes, baby.” I swat the other cheek. Her ass bounces nicely and I have to take a second to control myself. I want to drive my cock between her warm folds into her hot, wet pussy. I give her another few hard swats and leave her.

“I want you in my office when you’re done,” I say as I walk away. I find her new purchases and head to my office. I set them on the desktop. All that’s on the surface is the laptop, a jar of pens, a notebook, and now her brightly colored toys. I smile. Perfect.

When she enters, her eyes are brighter and more alert and I can tell by the way she walks, keeping her legs together, that she’s wet. I look to her thighs. Punishment or not, my dominance speaks directly to something deep inside her—something in her very makeup that needs a strong man to control her, care for her, and keep her safe.

“How are you feeling now that you’ve eaten, baby?”

“I’m fine, Daddy. Better.”

“Good girl.” I crook my finger at her and then nod to the computer. Her eyes land on the toys and I see her throat working to swallow. “Pull up your bank account.” I pull the chair away as she gets to the desk.

“Oh, no, naughty girl. No chair for you.” I position myself behind her. “Pull up your account then place both hands flat on the desk on either side of the keyboard.”

She turns to look at me over her shoulder. Her wide eyes find mine and I lift a brow to encourage her.

When she’s in position, staring at her bank account, I pull my cell from my pocket. I set a two-minute timer on it. Placing it on the desk, I lean over her back to her ear.

“You remember how this works.” It’s not a question, but she nods her head slightly. “You have two minutes to look at your account, know your bills, and examine the slips in your budget and how that affects those bills.” I hear her let out a breath.

I pick up the first toy. “Remember this?” I hold the small blue egg-shaped toy in front of her face. “While you complete your task, you’re going to keep this little gem inside you.” I can see her lip tremble in the reflection of the screen.

“Got me?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“If it falls out, or you orgasm, you’re going over my knee for a hard spanking.”

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