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Daddy’s Virgin: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance by Megan Michaels

He bought her. Now he’s going to breed her.

When Sierra Dawson ran away on her eighteenth birthday, she planned to start a new life in a place where technology has conquered age and disease. Instead she was caught, stripped bare, intimately examined, and then sold to Kaigen LeBlanc, a wealthy, powerful man who will both punish her every time she dares to disobey him and claim her virgin body in any way he pleases.

Though Sierra quickly discovers that her new owner plans to use her more thoroughly than she could have ever imagined, being made to call him daddy as she is spanked soundly and then put on humiliating display leaves her blushing with shame yet burning with helpless, desperate need. But Sierra was not purchased solely for Kaigen’s enjoyment. She is also intended for breeding.

Sierra’s desire for her master only grows stronger as she is taken over and over again until she bears a child for him, but when she is kidnapped by a rival of Kaigen’s and she keeps the truth from her daddy in order to protect him, will it shatter the bond of trust they have built together?

Publisher’s Note: Daddy’s Virgin includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Megan Michaels

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 52,100 words


Her room was perfect. She’d be content to sleep in here, or read. But getting punished in this pretty room had her clenching her bottom hole. Would he be punishing her again in this room?

“It is my hope that you will have this room as a place to escape. There are cameras in here so you will always be protected, and I can watch you on my phone and computer. There are several of them in here, so you’ll never have to worry.”

Sierra looked up and on the white ceiling fan in the center of the room was a wind chime with pastel-colored glass and when the light struck the crystals it displayed pastel-colored dots all around her bedroom. The gentle breeze caused by the fan and the glass tinkling just a bit was soothing.

Fingering the ruffles on the hem of the curtain, she was amazed at the amount of work Daniel had put into this room in such a short time.

Wrapping his tree trunk arms around her waist, squeezing and hugging her tightly, he whispered, “I’m so glad you like it, Sierra.”

“I do, Daddy.”

Kaigen, being so much taller than she, along with being muscular and strong, made her feel secure and safe. Nothing in the world would touch her. Ever.

“I want you to be happy in this room. Everyone needs a place that is their own and I want this to be that for you. However, I’ll caution you, there will be times when you won’t be happy in here. Many times you’ll end up with your ass paddled until you’re sobbing, but the rest of the time, it’ll be a quiet place for you to sleep, reflect, read, and just be alone.”

Walking to her closet, he opened the door and hanging on a hook on the inside of the door was a short pink nightie. Gently pulling it down, he walked toward her with it dangling from his forefinger.

“This is what I’ll be calling your punishment nightie. When I send you to this room telling you to prepare for a spanking, you’ll be required to take off all your clothing—every single bit of it—socks included and put this nightie on. I’ll expect to find you standing in the corner with your bare backside showing. If I want you in a different location, I’ll order it; otherwise, you’ll be standing with your nose pressed between the two walls. Clear?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

The nightie looked brand new and it had a white ruffle at the hem, neck, and armholes. It was what she typically referred to as a baby doll.

“Put it on.” He thrust it toward her.

She grasped the silky garment, tossing it over her head, slipping her arms through the holes. The shift only came to the middle of her hips, leaving her bottom completely exposed.

Of course, he’d want something that only partially covered her. Did the man always want her vulnerable and naked? She tugged on the hem, none too gently. “It’s too small, Daddy.”

Gently grasping her elbow, he turned her sideways and with a big grin, the crow’s feet showing at the corner of his eyes, he said, “No, baby. It fits absolutely perfect. This is exactly how I want it to fit.”


He placed his forefinger on her lips. “Shhhhh. It fits perfect. I want you to keep this on and take your nap in it.”

“Okay, where are my panties?” She looked toward the white dresser across the room.

“No panties. I want you sleeping in just this nightie with your freshly spanked ass exposed.”

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