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Dangerous Stranger: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

Mom always told me that getting into a car with a stranger was dangerous. She was right.

I came to Spain hoping to start a new life away from dangerous men, but then I met Rafael Santiago. Now I’m not just caught up in the affairs of a mafia boss, I’m being forced into his car.

When I saw something I shouldn’t have, Rafael took me captive, stripped me bare, and punished me until he felt certain I’d told him everything I knew about his organization… which was nothing at all. Then he offered me his protection in return for the right to use me as he pleases.

Now that I belong to him, his plans for me are more shameful than I could have ever imagined.


Publisher’s Note: Dangerous Stranger includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 81,300 words


As he brought the belt down again and again, I jerked at the rope, struggling to free my hands. A flash of pain swept through me, igniting every aspect of anguish. This was real. This was… incredible. I opened my mouth in a silent scream as my body reacted, my legs bending at the knees.

“Stay in position or we’ll start again,” he muttered, raking his nails across my already heated bottom.

I took gulping breaths, lowering my legs and willing them to stay in place. Yet as soon as he brought the belt down four times, I was lost to the anguish, kicking out over and over again.

He pushed down my ankles, holding them in position while he rubbed my skin with his other hand. “Sins are absolved with punishment. Discipline is vital in every relationship. Don’t you believe that, Savannah?”

Who the hell was he kidding? “I don’t know… sir,” I managed, a vibrant series of lights swimming in front of my eyes, all in the brightest and most dazzling colors. Fuchsia, turquoise, plum. Even as I tried to concentrate on their beautiful shimmers, I found it difficult to focus, to think clearly, but as the cracking sound occurred several more times, I fell into a lull, trying to rationalize anything that was happening. I’d wanted to come with him, to experience passion and joy for the first time in so long. I’d hungered for more than just a taste of the enigmatic man. I’d also pushed his buttons on purpose while I’d yanked myself out of my comfort zone. I buried my face once again into the comforter, struggling to hold back the tears.

This man wasn’t going to break me.

This man wasn’t going to capture the woman inside.

Yet my instinct told me I was very wrong.

“Are you wet for me? Do you crave more?” he asked as he used a single finger, brushing the tip all the way down my spine.

“I…” Swallowing, I was shocked at my answer. “Yes.”

“Mmm… Yes,” he murmured, using the same finger as he moved into the cleft of my ass, one hand pulling first one leg then the other far apart.

Shaking, I’d never felt so open in my life, my aching pussy fully on display. When he rolled his cupped hand over my bottom, squeezing until I whimpered, I fell into a beautiful lull, even arching my back. The betrayal of my body was complete. I was begging him silently to touch me, use me.

Fuck me.

Rafael took his time, his actions almost delicate as he slid his finger down the length of my pussy lips. Immediately, I was tingling all over, breathless from anticipation of what he would do next. My mouth remained dry, my ears ringing as he rolled his finger back and forth. I bucked, forcing his finger to slide past my swollen folds.

The hard smack against my wetness I hadn’t expected, the discomfort entirely different.

“Lie very still, my sweet American, or I will whip your pussy.”

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