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Dark Beast: A Fae Shifter Romance by Sara Fields

I can protect her from the world, but nothing will protect her from me.

Many a blushing lass has screamed my name in bed over the long years I’ve walked this land, watching over humanity even after they turned their backs on me. But I’ve never claimed a mate.

Until Layna.

When I first set eyes on this beautiful creature she was fighting for her life against more men than I could count, and at that very moment I vowed to protect her… and to make her mine.

That is a promise I plan to keep, even if it means stripping her bare, marking her bottom with my belt, and forcing her to one heart-stopping climax after another until she surrenders completely.

I’m not just going to keep her safe. I’m going to keep her forever.

Publisher’s Note: Dark Beast includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sara Fields

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 65,000 words


“I’m going to finish your punishment with my cock. You should know that your tight little pussy isn’t the only hole that’s going to be fucked,” he warned.

My eyes opened as wide as saucers. My core twisted hard with anxiety, but what shamed me was that it squeezed that much tighter with desire.

I wasn’t naïve. I knew he meant that he was going to take my ass.

“You can’t mean that,” I whispered.

“I mean every word, naughty girl,” he countered, and my cheeks heated with flame. He stood up and held me in one arm as he tossed my cape onto the ground.

My bottom hole tightened nervously. It would hurt when he took me there. I had no doubt, but what really spiked my anxiety is that my body continued to pulse with desire at being taken in such a shameful place.

I didn’t know if I could take it.

Too distracted by the train of my thoughts, I hardly noticed when he pinned me flat on my back. He pulled off my boots and my tangled pants, baring me from the waist down in one fell swoop. Swiftly, he ripped my shirt over my head, leaving me entirely naked beneath him.

Finally, I remembered myself and my instincts for self-preservation finally kicked in.

My hands reached down to his belt and closed in on the first thing I found. It felt like the hilt of a dagger, and I pulled it free. With impressive skill, I brought it up and angled it forward so that the edge of the blade was pinned against his throat.

The dagger was iron. Just the touch of the blade against his throat made his flesh sizzle. He sucked in a pained breath and didn’t move.

Fae were weak against iron. When cut with it, the wound would be resistant to healing, which made it one of the few ways that Fae could actually be killed. The problem was that some monsters were weak against it too, which meant that Ansiel had to keep one close just in case he needed it.

I’d taken advantage of that.

He cocked his head and met my eyes as he reached down and unclasped his belt. He didn’t pull away from the dagger even though there was a thin red line apparent where it had already bit into his flesh.

He unbuttoned his slacks and I glanced down, watching as he freed his cock anyway. I swallowed, suddenly feeling far more nervous.

“This is very, very naughty of you, Layna. You were a bad girl, and you know you deserve a fucking,” he chided gently. I pulled the edge away only slightly, watching his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he spoke.

“I don’t want you to fuck my bottom,” I mumbled, even though I didn’t really mean it. I wanted it to be the truth, but my clit was throbbing even harder at the thought of him turning me over and taking that tight little hole as hard as he wanted.

His cock brushed against my sore welted pussy, lining up with my entrance. The heat of his cockhead was overwhelming and the sudden yearning to have him sink inside me was all I could think about.

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