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Dark Predator: A Mafia Stalker Romance by Piper Stone

She thinks I’m seducing her, but this isn’t romance. It’s something much more shameful.

Eden tried to leave the mafia behind, but someone far more dangerous has set his sights on her.


She was meant to be my revenge against an old enemy, but I decided to make her mine instead.

She’ll moan as my belt lashes her quivering bottom and writhe as I claim her in the filthiest of ways, but that’s just the beginning. When I’m done, it won’t be just her body that belongs to me.

I’ll own her heart and soul too.


Publisher’s Note: Dark Predator is a stand-alone novel which is the second entry in the series The Edge of Darkness. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 86,000 words


My entire body shuddered with raw need, the flashing images of him stealing a portion of my breath. As he crawled around me, I kept him in my sights, issuing growls of my own while he remained the silent enforcer.

My question remained unanswered as intended, the anticipation of what he was going to do more powerful than the act. He was coming closer. I gathered wet paint on my fingertips and when he came close, I raked my fingers down his face, using my nails to scratch his chest.

He let off several ferocious growls, remaining on the perimeter, circling me several additional times. When I swathed him in additional paint, he took several deep breaths, lowering his head to the floor.

I should have known he was preparing to strike. The second I shifted to the side, he grabbed my hair, sliding me through the paint until I was turned away from him.

“Bad girls get well used.” He shoved his fingers into my pussy, driving them deep and hard, rougher than he’d done before.

I shouldn’t want it this way, brutal and unforgiving, but I couldn’t find a way to tell him to stop. It was filthy and sinful, but I’d lost my ability to care about any of it.

“Do you like that, mi diosa? Do you crave having my fingers shoved inside your tight little pussy?”

“Yes.” Why lie? Panting, I did what I could to meet every brutal thrust, riding his hand as he shoved all four fingers inside.

“Yes, you like it rough. You like it when I defile you.” His husky tone washed over me, driving me my body closer and closer to an orgasm.

“Oh, God, yes.” When he shoved his thumb into my dark hole, I gasped. The pain was biting and as he pumped his entire hand with fury, I was shocked how aroused it made me. I was lured into blissful pleasure, no longer able to speak.

“Imagine what would happen if you were a good girl.”

He pumped harder, my pussy muscles stretching, clamping around the thick invasion and pulling his long fingers in even deeper. He wouldn’t stop pounding into me. The pain shot into raw ecstasy, a climax so close.

I longed to beg him for his cock, but I knew it was only a matter of time.

“Are you going to come for me, my sweet goddess? Or do I need to spank your pretty little ass first?”

“No. Yes, I mean.”

He laughed softly, bringing his hand down harder. Lightheaded, the arousal became too much to take. I exploded into an orgasm unlike any I’d ever had before, my bedraggled scream flowing with the tribal beating of the drum. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think clearly, a single climax shifting into a second.

“That’s it. Take more. Yes. Yes.” The darkness of his voice was accentuated. He tugged on my hair, keeping my head at an angle, still pounding into me. When he finally pulled out, I wanted nothing more than to drop to the canvas. He was having none of it. He thrust several fingers inside my asshole, stretching my muscles.

“Oh, God. Oh…”

“Do you really think God can help you now?” he asked, laughing softly.

The anguish was off the charts but within seconds, I was even wetter than before, so aroused my nipples ached. My body acted on its own, bucking hard against him, taking his brutal finger fucking and hungering for more.

After a couple of minutes, I couldn’t take it any longer. “Fuck me. Just fuck me.”