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Dark Stranger: A Mafia Stalker Romance by Piper Stone

On a dark, rainy night, I received a phone call. I shouldn’t have answered it… but I did.

The things he says he’ll do to me are far from sweet, this man I know only by his voice.

They’re so filthy I blush crimson just hearing them… and yet still I answer, my panties always soaked the moment the phone rings. But this isn’t going to end when I decide it’s gone too far…

I can tell him to leave me alone, but I know it won’t keep him away. He’s coming for me, and when he does he’s going to make me his in all the rough, shameful ways he promised he would.

And I’ll be wet and ready for him… whether I want to be or not.


Publisher’s Note: Dark Stranger is a stand-alone novel which is the first entry in the series The Edge of Darkness. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 85,000 words


When he yanked me to the end by my ankle, flipping me over onto all fours, I instantly tried to crawl away. He dragged me back, smacking my aching bottom three times in rapid succession, another long, dark growl pulsing up from his throat.

“We aren’t done yet, sweet kitten. Now, I fuck you in the ass.”

As chilling as the words were, they were also deliciously filthy, enticing the woman I’d been hiding into breaching the surface. Panting, I clawed the bed, grabbing a handful of the comforter. What did I think I was doing, holding onto something? I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time but when he shoved his fingers into my wetness, I gasped as another beautiful moment of pleasure rolled through me. I bucked hard, riding the intrusion, savoring a fantasy as if it was real.

But I should have known the blissful moment would be short lived. When he slid the same fingers down the crack of my ass, I tensed, blinking several times. This just couldn’t be happening. He caressed my bottom with one hand as he slid his juice-soaked fingers into my tight hole.

As I hung my head in shame, heat flushing my system, I had no strength or fortitude left. He’d all but devoured me, releasing the very darkness he’d talked about during our conversations. I opened my legs wider, pushing up from the bed and arching my back. I was giving in, providing permission for him to do whatever he wanted in the vilest of manners.

He cracked his hand against my buttocks three more times. Then I felt pressure as he placed the tip of his cock against my dark hole. I could hear myself whimpering, the rapid beating of my heart lurching into my throat. He was nothing like I’d expected.

Alessandro, my dark stranger, was so much more.

“Breathe for me, sweet kitten. Tonight is all about revelations,” he whispered, the tone dripping with innuendoes, provoking a side of me I hadn’t known existed. When he pressed the tip inside, I tensed, biting my lip as a series of bright lights flashed across my field of vision.

His grip on my hip was firm, his fingers digging in. As he’d done before, he fisted my hair, holding me in place as he slowly slid another few inches inside. The pain was blinding, yet a shower of vibrations jetted through every vein and muscle. The fact that my muscles were stretching, accepting what I’d never believed I could want was an incredibly freeing feeling. He’d wanted me uninhibited, giving of myself freely.

And that’s exactly what was happening whether I wanted it or not.

Alessandro’s breathing was as ragged as mine as he thrust the remainder of his cock inside. I couldn’t hold back a strangled scream, the anguish shooting down my legs, but within seconds, his actions became a rush of sheer joy. The caustic pleasure coursing through me was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. How could I want this?

There was no logical answer, but I wasn’t certain my life would ever be the same.

“That’s it,” he cooed, his velveteen voice skittering through me. “Relax. This is going to feel so damn good.”

I’d never believed something so dirty could enhance the sensations to the point my pussy ached. I lifted my hand, involuntarily shifting my fingers to my clit, rolling the tips around the swollen bud as he pulled out, slamming into me again. He held such power in his hands, yet he was gentle in his actions, repeating the move as my muscles finally accepted him. Seconds later, they relaxed to the point I no longer felt any discomfort.

I closed my eyes as I stroked my clit, continuously rolling my finger aimlessly as he started to fuck me in long, even strokes. As he yanked on my hair, I uttered several cries, the sound unrecognizable.

“That’s it. Open up for me. Show me how much you’ve craved being taken by a beast.”