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Defiled: A Dark Paranormal Romance by Piper Stone

She is destined to be mine… and she will be.

I was born to rule, but for her sake I am banished, forced to wander the Earth among mortals. Her virgin body will pay the price for my protection, and it will be a shameful price indeed.

Stripped, punished, and ravaged over and over, she will scream with every savage climax.

She will be defiled, but before I am done with her she will beg to be mine.





Publisher’s Note: Defiled includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 77,900 words


I pulled the hair from her face, pressing my lips against her cool skin before ripping away the gown and exposing her glorious body. I took several deep breaths, adjusting my throbbing cock as the anguish became blinding. I would need to take her soon, to shove my shaft deep inside her sweet little pussy.

But first, she needed another lesson on submission and obedience. The urgency was enthralling, my needs increasing. I took a deep breath, my mouth watering from the richness of her aroma, the sweetness of her pretty pussy.

Whimpering, she finally struggled in her bindings, slapping the chains against the wall, trying desperately to see what I was doing.

“Only obedient little girls deserve such glorious accommodations.” This time, I snapped my fingers and the room was returned to its original status, cold and unforgiving, the only light a single candle I’d allowed to remain lit. Even the howl of the wind outside was manufactured, but effective, creating an aura that would stimulate her mind.

“I don’t understand,” she said softly, devoid of emotion even as she darted her head back and forth.

“But I think you do, Sadie. Search your soul, the darkness dwelling within. All those visions you’ve had since you were a child. All the dreams you believed were nothing more than fragments of your imagination. You knew you were special, designed with a purpose in mind.”

“No, I…”

I allowed her time to reflect as I studied her, the way her eyelashes skimmed across her cheeks as she fought to keep from crying. The way her mouth pursed, biting back a whimper of despair. The way she twisted in her bindings, even though she was well aware there was no means of escape.

“You will have everything you’ve ever desired one day, my beautiful Sadie. My queen.”

“I’m not your queen. I will never. Ever. Be your queen.” Her defiance remained.

Another enticement.

My balls tightened even more.

“We shall see.” While I could use any level of discipline or any implement designed for punishment, she was still a fragile human after all. I slowly unfastened the belt I was wearing, pulling the thick leather through the loops in slow and even motions. Her whimpers became moans, her fists clenching and unclenching.

“I will be good. Really,” she whispered. I caught a glimpse of resignation crossing her face. Perhaps she was learning.

“Yes, you will but that will take time. I am your master; therefore, I will walk you through the land of anguish before you can taste true ecstasy.” I folded the strap, cracking my wrist a single time before closing the distance.

Her eyes were glassy as she fought tears, but her pursed mouth indicated just how much rebellion she had in her. Breaking her would be a true joy. I rubbed my fingers all the way down her spine, holding my breath as a dazzling series of sensations crushed down every last inkling of anger. My balls were tight as drums, blood racing throughout every vein. Sadie had no idea what kind of effect she had on me.

I delivered two hard strikes, one coming after the other. While she flinched, she emitted no sound. The slight redness across her rounded bottom drew my attention, another pulse in my cock. I smacked her four more times, hitting across the middle of her buttocks.

Finally, she let out a single whimper as she pressed her face against the wall, still fighting her chains.

I took several deep breaths, stars floating in front of my eyes as the carnal desire increased, becoming nothing more than a burden taxing my patience. I took a step back, taking careful aim, my mouth watering as her bottom turned to a warm blush, light stripes appearing.

“Oh… Please. Hurts.”

“As it should, my sweet Sadie. You disobeyed me.” I rubbed one side of her buttocks then the other, the heat sliding into my hand, cresting along my wrist. Even I was shaking, the intense longing forcing a low-slung growl. I would feast on her for hours, thrusting my cock into every hole, consuming every bit of her.

Then I would do it again.

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