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Devon’s Discipline Sinks Its Teeth Into Amazon’s Top 100

Devon's Discipline Makes Top 100

Adaline Raine‘s latest release, complete with a naughty student, a sexy, mysterious, dominant professor, and plenty of spankings, has reached Amazon’s Top 100 list for Paranormal Erotica! Congrats, Adaline!

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★★★★★ Felicity Nichols Reviews @ “My Favorite By Far!” on September 6, 2014
Devon Dawson is an alcoholic, she has lost her parents and this appears to be her only way to cope. She feels as if she has hit the lowest of the lows and cannot do anything to be brought out of it. When Professor Matthews calls her into his office and scolds her like a naughty child, she finds herself craving the discipline.

Professor Matthews keeps a close eye on her and becomes a caretaker of sorts to her. There is a supernatural air about him but Devon cannot place her finger as to what. His firm yet caring attitude swept me around his finger.

Devon’s Discipline is unlike most paranormal. There is a lot of build up with subtle paranormal. Raine doesn’t overdo the aspect and I really enjoyed getting swept into a world of college, werewolves, and vampires. Great story!

★★★★★ Laurel @ “Fascinating Erotic Paranormal by Adaline Raine” on September 9, 2014
Devon Dawson lost her parents and turned to alcohol as a way to cope with grief. She shares a house with a wolf shifter who has some nasty friends. Professor Matthews takes an interest in her. He also happens to be a vampire. He spanks her to get her to work to her full capacity. As much as she dislike the spankings she feels cared for and turned on. I loved the history of vampires, and werewolves. Most of what we know about vampires and werewolves are based on movies and myths. This excellent book had many details, romance, violence and hot sex and many spankings.

★★★★★ Renee Rose @ “Recipe for success!” on September 7, 2014
I love Adaline Raine’s paranormals and this one is a recipe for success. Hot professor-student dynamic? check. Vampire-mortal dynamic? check. Fun plot with a sassy undergrad whose best friend is a werewolf? yep. Oh, and spanking! My favorite thing, of course. This is a great read. Recommended for anyone who likes D/s, spanking and paranormals!

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